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Children and teens, at one point in time, require out of school help. The provision of such help requires money. Some students need additional tuition to fully comprehend what they learn in school while others require coaching by professionals to realize their talents. For education to make sense, what is taught in school must be corroborated by engaging students in out of class activities. What is taught in school have to be linked to what happens out of it. This enables learners to grasp new concepts.There are several underlying issues that have not been attended regarding the problems that learners face in and out of school. One of it is parental help in their children's education. If no one is there to help a slow learner at home to do his or her homework, if no time is allocated for follow up and if there is no regular surveillance of the learning development, it becomes difficult for a learner to comprehend what he or she has been taught in school. Parents who are not able to attend to their children must consider other workable options like hiring private tutors or nannies. This is more so when there are no facilities and resources to help them do home work and perform co-curricular activities (Tolman, 2002).Single parents especially those in low social class face many challenges while educating their children. They work for hours on end to provide not only for their children's education but also for food and other basic needs. Although they work late, their hard work is not enough to cater for their children's educational needs especially the extracurricular activities. Such parents take fundamental out of class activities to be second to academics. This call for funding that may go a long way in helping them educate their children.

In some schools, it is hard for teachers to attend to the needs of each student because of congested classrooms. It becomes even more difficult when learners in a classroom have different academic aptitudes. Disability is also challenge that calls for funding to enable children to get out of school help. Children with learning impairments need not only funding but expert training to enable them learn like their average counterparts. They require more attention than the 'normal' students. In addition, they learn relatively slow and need advanced resources (Tolman, 2002).

 If extra curriculum activities are given importance, students will improve their ability to grasp concepts. Students will get an all round education. Co-curricular activities are primarily used to create opportunities for students to participate in team work, to develop leadership and to be innovative. The experiences that students get from extracurricular activities give them the chances to get into careers. Some potential employers take participation in these activities to gauge a potential employee's abilities. The co-curricular activities are good as they expose students to practical tasks.Teens often play hooky because they get tired working. This makes them avoid school. Some struggle with responsibilities by having to look for employment to meet sustenance costs and school requirements. At the same time they are supposed to be in school. Funding would therefore lessen such burdens and ensure that vulnerable children attend their school as required.The major problem for teens outside school is having a place to go. Kids go to daycare centers, senior citizens have their places to meet but teens lack a place to better their lives. This in turn predisposes them to engage in crimes and drug abuse. Others drop out of school, become young parents, commit suicide and acquire untoward behaviors. Funding is therefore necessary to establish centers that keep them busy as well as providing training that aid them to learn how to earn their own money. Similarly, funding is required for children and teens to access out of school help for them to grow up responsibly.

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