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Student discussion (TiTo): What do you see as the two most significant challenges of cloud computing facing digital forensics? What are potential ways to handle these challenges?

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Despite the merits associated with technological advancements, they often present a myriad of challenges in various domains. For instance, in the legal system, a new technological advancement is likely a gap in the legal code to deal with the new technology. This is the focus of Tito’s discussion in the sense that it highlights the legal challenges that cloud computing present as regards digital forensics (Householder, Houle, & Dougherty, 2002). For instance, cloud computing is a new concept, which implies that the existing laws are not capable of addressing crimes related to cloud computing. I concur with this assertion since cloud computing presents a new paradigm in data storage, which poses substantial challenges associated with the issuance of a search warrant. Tracing evidence in the cloud is likely to become a significant challenge because of the elasticity and volatility of cloud environments that pose significant problems to the recovery evidence. Overall, Tito’s discussion only focused on the legal challenges; perhaps, the discussion could have explored other domains of the challenges posed by cloud computing in digital forensics such as the technical challenges in retrieving evidence.

Tito’s discussion provides a comprehensive account of how the legal challenges could be addressed. For instance, with regard to challenges in search warrants, it is imperative that search warrants should not only state the location of the search and what is being looked for, but also how the search should be conducted. Other potential solutions not addressed by Tito include enacting laws that govern the storage of data in the Cloud. In this regard, it is imperative that companies providing cloud services should register with the government and provide specific details regarding their cloud storage (Kruse & Heiser, 2002). This could make it relatively easy to search for forensic evidence in the Cloud. In addition, the government should compel these companies to regularly provide the government with information relating to the users of their cloud services and a log of how the cloud services were used. 

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