Hotel Emergency Response Assignment

Emergency Management Plan

The hotel located in the region of El Paso, TX, near the Cleveland Square or in the nearby area within 2-5 km, may experience the following threat: air balloons may crash into the hotel windows in the period of dust storm during the El Paso Balloon Festival. Every year on the Memorial Day, the El Paso Balloon Festival takes place in this city as part of the popular annual event that brings much joy and amusement to guests and people who live here. During the event, dozens of launched balloons can be seen in the skies of El Paso (Lewis, 2016). They are filled with hot air to take people enjoy the air trips over the ground. The water rides, shows, swimming contests, grilling, and live music are the supportive activities that make the event attractive to visitors.

However, in the period of March-May, dust storms turn typical for this region; and they come unexpectedly when the wind blows up to 100 km/hr (Novlan, 2007). This situation may create a sudden danger to the air balloon event when many people are flying in the skies over El Paso. The rush winds may bring dust that blurs visibility. Therefore, some air balloons may crush in front of the hotel windows and damage the hotel property, for instance, broken windows, damaged fences, or spoiled beds of flowers, among others. Furthermore, a crushed air balloon may scare the guests of the hotel, as they see the unexpected flying object coming from the clouds of dust.

In this relation, it would be crucial to follow the preventive measures in this situation. The threat may be corresponding to the factual events in El Paso, the region of the unstable climate and risky natural conditions. However, the effective emergency hotel management may mitigate the risks and threats.

For instance, the following steps should be considered in response to the threat:

  1. Provide the guests of the hotel with substantial information about the possibility of the threat:
  • Supply them with the detailed weather reports that may include the information about the wind blow speed.
  • Pass them flyers about the air balloon event in the city.
  1. Supply the hotel building with wide roofs that will protect the yard from any invasive objects.
  2. Protect children playgrounds and swimming pools of the hotel with cover roofs, not allowing any object from the open air to fall in these sensitive areas. This measure will exclude disturbance of visitors.
  3. Protect the hotel fences with stone or metallic columns around the hotel area with the emergency buttons to let visitors send the signal to the receptionists in the case of any danger.

Plan Evaluation

Plan Strengths

As the guests of the hotels are informed about the event and weather threats, they can protect themselves from the danger. The weather reports may be effective every day. For example, in Australia, where storms are often, the National Bureau of Meteorology is obliged to share the warning information over public channels every day, “providing emergency information and storm warnings; ensuring an effective, well-coordinated response during storms” (EMV Emergency Management Victoria, 2011, p. 11). As the hotel open air area is supplied with strong fences and covers over the children playgrounds and swimming pools, it is less likely that an air balloon can reach out people who have a rest. Furthermore, the hotel emergency signalization would be effective to let the reception know about the case of danger and take actions.

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Plan Limitations

However, this plan is limited by the human resource factors. For example, in some cases, the receptionist may give a late response there is an emergency. Moreover, if the emergency case happens when it is dark, it is difficult to provide the effective response.

Plan Assumptions

The emergency planning is effective when it is supplemented with the distribution of roles between the hotel personnel of each department. For instance, it is important for security guards to make observations of any threat that may cause harm to the hotel visitors and property. On the other hand, the effective role of receptionists is crucial to provide all guests of the hotel with the detailed information about the threat.

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