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Work Related Situation. Custom Work Related Situation Essay Writing Service || Work Related Situation Essay samples, help

In order to attain maximum input from an employee workforce, there is need to infuse appropriate work conditions, skill levels, salaries, and ethical standards. According to Cheminais et al (1998), “in the work situation, the trend of giving workers more say and involving them in important decisions regarding their tasks is being encouraged and employers are expected to develop skills that build teams, integrate employees and boost morale” (264).

Project Objective

The project aims at: attaining improved performance and productivity; improved customer care and quality; instilling a more cooperative workforce atmosphere; reduced lost time in terms of absenteeism and disputes; attaining reduced turnover; and finally, achieving added value by using skills and knowledge from all the employees involved (Miller, 2007).

Assumptions on the Project

The project will be based on the assumptions that the factors chosen will be suitable with the respective organisational setting. Moreover, this would assume that the organization has a significantly large number of employees.

Main People or Departments to be involved

The main people involved include the manager, the deputy manager, human resource personnel, and other employees.

Risks Involved

The major risks involved are that the employee level of contentment desired could easily outweigh the costs hence reverting to concepts of economy (Maas & Fox, 1997). In addition, there is the risk the costs of training the employees could be significantly high especially considering the inclusion of safety aspects.

Reasons for it being a Project

This project is important in the sense that the subject of enhancing individual employee work delivery mechanisms is a critical aspect in the modern day world of labour relations. In addition, “they key to getting the best possible results lies with the organisation’s workforce, in a group of individuals” (Kinder, Hughes, & Cooper, 2008). Moreover, the act of achieving significant success in an organisation lies in directing and sustaining the people’s energy in order to produce desired results (Kinder, Hughes, & Cooper, 2008).

Work Related Situation. Custom Work Related Situation Essay Writing Service || Work Related Situation Essay samples, help

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