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Women Discrimination at  Work Place


Discrimination refers to the ability to view detailed distinctions and take differences between objects, subjects, concepts and patterns. It can also refer to prejudicial treatment of a person basing on their culture, race, and religion among others. Discrimination is the real behavior someone or a group of people may have towards another group. It includes isolating or restricting one group from enjoying or using opportunities that exist to other groups.

Sex discrimination

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Sexism refers to beliefs and attitudes in relation to an individual's gender. Such beliefs and attitudes are of a social nature and in most cases do not have any legal consequences. However, sex discrimination may have harsh legal consequences depending on each country.  Sex discrimination is mainly defined as adverse action that is performed against another human being.

Discrimination against women

Women discrimination in the work place is demonstrated in various forms. For instance, it starts with harassment sexually, to the exclusion of women from the old boys club where decisions concerning serious issues are made. Therefore, despite the large number of women entry in the workplace and their ever increasing number in mid-level managerial positions, top level positions have remained open to women currently like in centuries ago (Goldstein, 2010).

Working in a universe that is mainly taken over by male decision makers and their developed activities, women experience a number of barriers impending their surge to the top of their careers. Very few women have managed to break through the concept of male as the only decision makers, and also the idea that illustrates the barriers that hinder women from achieving top level positions.

The impacts of discrimination on women are elaborated more in the deletion of their identity. It is also through the changing of successful women so that they can be on the same level or line with their male counterparts.

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Women discrimination has some psychological impacts on their social status. For instance, many women who demonstrate feminine characters leave their work, abandoning desexualized women to act as role models for female newcomers, hence increasing the cycle of male domination and discrimination.

The main factors that hinder women from getting the top- level position include family factor.  According to Articles Base (2005-2011), the barriers encountered by a large number of women respondents were linked to family issues, the main reason being home responsibilities. Many women today are over burdened with two tasks, separating the hours they wake up with the house duties and the workplace without any compromise and adequate rest. Even with the increased number of women participating in the workforce, a bigger percentage of women who work still carry out their duties as mothers and wives.

Women need to be treated equally like their male counterparts at the workplace because they deserve it and have a right of expression. Therefore, to achieve this, different strategies and measure need to be employed in order to increase diversity in the workplace. According to this article, diversity in the workplace deals with things such as gender, age, language, ethnicity, religious beliefs and family roles. The author of the article explains further that workplace diversity is an issue that focuses on the people their differences and similarities that they bring in the work place. It is broadly illustrated to include dimensions beyond those that are legally defined in equal opportunity and affirmative action. Diversity in the workplace according to (Helen, 2001), is all about acquiring of skills and knowledge from others who are not the same, it is about dignity and respect for all, involves creating workplace environments and practices that motivate learning from others and also benefit from diverse perspectives.


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The Unite State equal employment opportunity commission refers to the federal agency in charge of enforcing laws that are against job discrimination. According to U.S.Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, this commission was created to enforce provisions of the VII of the civil rights Acts of 1964. Therefore, through this commission, many women have a chance to work freely and get promotions to any position as per their achievements.

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