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Research Proposal


Sustainable leadership is individual leadership that confer benefits the long-standing good will of a society through influencing the members of the society positively, representing the norms that enhance the exalted principles of the society and creating acceptable change. This kind of leadership certainly defines all member of the society who cares a lot about themselves and most significantly, they care about the well being of their societies. Sustainable leaders are passionate and sustainable leadership exhibits a blend of three components namely influence, moral values and creativity.

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Social scandals, corporate environment, government policies and the increasing consumers regard for ecological problems have increase organizations and investors interest in the idea of corporate sustainability. This new development has made it extremely impossible for companies to overlook the necessity of adopting sustainable business practices (Avery, 2006).  However, the differences in the methods adopted by the different companies to handle the issues of sustainability have brought numerous questions than answers to numerous companies. Does the pressure to achieve suitability vary with the context? Are there any advantages of suitable leaderships and corporate sustainability?

Problem Statement

The concept of sustainability is still intriguing to man leaders with many of the not being able to comprehend how sustainability would be significant to the organizations (Avery & Bergsteiner, 2010). Worse, still there are some leaders whom despite understanding that the present day paradigm shift places a lot of emphasis on sustainable leadership still don't know how to apply it in their situation. This is critical since leader need to adopt their organization to change or risk becoming extinct


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Sustainable leadership improves the credibility of leaders and their organization giving them a good public image. Furthermore, the implementation of sustainable leadership and its principle in an organization is only successful the approach employed adopts positive to the unique situation of the organization.


  • To determine the benefits of sustainable leadership
  • To decipher approaches of implementing sustainable leadership.

Literature Review

Leaders and firms that have embraced sustainability concepts have show tremendous improvement in their performance than those that are yet to adapt to this new paradigm. Sustainable leadership improves the way a business interacts with its stakeholders and shareholders. In enhances the internal and external process and structure of a business or organization thus enhancing its success. It further influences the allocation of financial resources and human resources in an optimal manner that discourages wastage (Avery & Bergsteiner, 2010).

Implementing sustainable leadership can be done through various what. The method selected however depends on the unique requirements of the organization in question. The implementation may be influence by the resources needed and the desired outcome. The approaches may include operating the organization with its means and pursue what is necessary. It is wise to avoid an all-or-nothing attitude (Avery, 2006).

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Interviews will be conducted on employees' leaders of organizations that have implemented these sustainability principles to evaluate their approach and success. Analysis of secondary data will also be useful to compare the previous performance and past performance of organizations whose leadership has embraced suitability.

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