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This research proposal is based on findings the answers to the issues related to drug use and abuse. The paper will examine all the contributors of drug addiction. It also seeks to find out the measures that have been put in place in order to deal with issues of drug addiction.

The paper will address the available information on the topic under the chapter ion literature review. A comparison will be made on the results achieved from the past researches on the same topic. This will assist in designing different strategies to ensure achievement of the best results possible.

In order to achieve the expected results, the research will base its on various research methods and designs. The research methods will range from the use of questionnaires, interviews, observations, recorded data on the topic and any printed material that is available and justifiable. The questionnaires will be used to collect data from the addicts and general members of the society. Interviews will be conducted on representatives of the society at large and groups of drug addicts. In order to get information about the existing data on drug addiction, secondary sources such as journals, reports and magazines will be used. Analysis of the collected information will be done in form of pie charts and graphs.

Research questions

  1. What is drug addiction?
  2. What are the major indicators of drug addiction?
  3. What are the major causes of drug addiction among these young people and the general population?
  4. What are the effects of drug addiction on the society?
  5. What measures are currently in place to deal with the problem of drug addiction?
  6. How can this problem of drug addiction be eliminated in the society?



Approximately 80% of drug addicts are the youth. Also, governments bore the biggest responsibility in the war against drugs.

War Against Drugs. Custom War Against Drugs Essay Writing Service || War Against Drugs Essay samples, help

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