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Global warming is defined as the continued increase in temperature of Earth's air surface and oceans. It is projected to have started since the mid-20th century. The validity of global warming faces different perspectives from scholars using different arguments. This research paper will focus on Global Warming as a concept taking note and weighing options on whether it is valid or not, in order to develop a better understanding. The paper inclines more on the validity of global warming bearing the fact that the earth is facing symptoms of global warming in the current trend with temperatures increasing by day.

Purpose Statement

I have been working on data relating to global warming statistics and the controversy in the data from respective scholars contradict my reports. This is the rationale of taking this study to verify the truth behind the respective assumptions and come up with argumentative facts on global warming. The research endeavors to study the views of the different scholars and derive data on global warming. The table below provoked my attention to give the study a comprehensive approach and understand the concept in detail. It shows the existence of greenhouse gases. It also reveals how it is affecting the temperatures of the earth surface currently.

A Statement of Qualification

Data Base Management regards collection and analysis of all types of data. In this case, there is data on global warming that requires analysis. It is through proper analysis that facts will show up and arguments justified. The validity of global warming can only make sense with a good presentation of data analysis concerning the issue.

Literature Review

Archer (2005) summarizes the IPCC reports. He concluded that the increase in temperatures was because of the greenhouse gases emanating from the activities of man for instance deforestation and burning of fossil fuels (Archer, 2005). He made conclusions that other natural phenomena for instance volcanism and solar radiation could still contribute to the relative increase of temperatures but very minimally. He argues that there is an increase in the radioactive forces emanating from CO2, CFCs, nitrous oxide and methane. The CO2 and methane concentrations have increased from approximately 36% to 148% since 1750 (Archer, 2005). He also argues that emissions of CO2 will range from range from 541 to 970 ppm approximately by the year 2100. This is an increase by 90-250%. This reality depicts that there is a cause of alarm concerning global warming. The conclusions have been replicated by many scientific societies as well as academies of science.

Andresen (2007) argues in his book that when temperatures decrease during a certain period and increase at another point, the temperatures remain constant. This is the base of argument for the people against the validity of global warming. He puts more emphasis on physical arguments required in making the decision of global warming existence. His point of view is that global warming is not real and if the people supporting it are serious, they should develop means to describe the current state of Earth regarding global warming. This is an argument for many other scientists with the same arguments on the invalidity of global warming (Andresen, 2007).

Michael Mann, an American climate researcher published a report estimating the global temperatures to reach extremely high levels by 1980 and this has since been proven. The results formed a basis for the U.N.’s Third Assessment Report, done in 2001 (Archer, 2005). These reports still show some positives on what is happening across the globe. For the world to live in denial of global warming validity, it is a great risk. The reality is that validity of global warming is real. The fact that the critics still accept that emission of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide is harmful to the environment and causes the temperature increment makes it easier to verify the validity of global warming. Existence of this greenhouse effect is real even to the people disputing the global warming concept. They still value that the recent increase in temperatures is because of human activities that emit the greenhouse gases. The bit of contention comes in only in determining the strength of these greenhouse effects on the atmosphere.

According to the reports released by the US Department of Energy, there is almost 15% of CO2 released in the atmosphere. Approximately 14.8% of the CO2 released in the atmosphere is man made. The remainder comes from natural forces for instance forest fires and volcanoes. Activities like burning of fossil fuels, industrial emissions and land-use change contribute highly to the CO2 emissions. Data from Gallup Polls of 2007–2008 is in order and reveals more on global warming. It surveyed over 127 countries with the subject matter being global warming. Over a third of these surveyed populations were not aware of global warming. The polls revealed that developing countries populations were less aware as compared to the developed countries, with Africa being ranked the least aware. Global warming validity remains at bay with political and public debates hitting the stage in many countries across the globe (Archer, 2005).

Validity of Global Warming. Custom Validity of Global Warming Essay Writing Service || Validity of Global Warming Essay samples, help

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