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The realm of the contemporary television landscape is a force that has changed the television industry and the culture that surrounds it, argument stills ranges on, on the exact impact religious television programming has gratified its views. The uses and gratifications to communication mainly examine how media affects the viewer's perspective. The main question towards gratification either by attending a live church service or watching services on TV screens should be "what people do with media but not what media do to people".Researchers hypothesis indicates that watching TV worship services was considered as a less burdensome than attending church because it requires less preparation, but it did not provide the same kinds of gratification as attending church because in my opinion a service is more than listening to the sermon but is about giving, interacting with other worshipers and providing a wholesome growth spiritually, emotionally and socially. In my opinion I don't expect watching religious television to displace attending a live church service but watching TV services can only serve as a functional alternative to attending services in church.Although the media has became a substitute sources of satisfaction it has several  frustration features, in that viewers do not participate rather they play an idle role during the service, and this should not be the purpose of a service to me because its depriving to some extent. A Media gratification has feed on more positive interests and forces in the individual's life has been almost totally overlooked.
The findings on Uses and Gratifications Theory applied to Religious Programming was not surprising to me because the conception of the approach is used to explaining the great appeal of certain media contents which lack in some other programmed channels. The essence of media to the people is to get some form of gratification. From the uses and gratifications approach it is suggested that the people's needs determine and influence what the media chose to air. The media stations are keen to fully satisfy their audiences. The uses and gratifications approach suggests that the media compete with other information sources to offer the best audience's need satisfaction.Another type of programming that uses and gratifications research is the new era of internet usage which provides a cutting-edge theoretical approach in mass medium communication compared to newspapers, radio and television. In the internet environment users are more actively engaged participants in communication as compared to the TV programming approach. Individuals have a choice on the media they fell will satisfy their needs and the audience have their own reason for making different media choices within the internet network which provides a wide spectrum of options for the audience to choose from.
The internet provides users with little trouble verbalizing needs because information is typed and presented to the recipient as soft copy thus customer confidentiality is highly maintained without getting compromised. Most of the audience users use the internet to relax, company, pass time, as entertainment, for social interaction among other various usages.The internet is instrumental as entertainment-oriented gratifications; it is a powerful tool for scholars to exchange information. The use of media to create entertainment content appears to satisfy users' more than any other forms of entertainment thus it has become the main motivator. Political the internet is a source of information for the users to do surveillance, guidance, social utility and excitement.A major element of the internet is that it combines both mass and interpersonal communication, such characteristics of the Internet additional to the dimensions of the uses and gratifications approach such as learning and socialization. The internet protects and provides a safe point to exchange information, give support, and acts a meeting place without any fear and share interests and goals.In conclusion, the Uses and Gratifications Theory Applied to Religious Programming is a had remained a totally new concept which has changed the phase of television industry but because of its interactive nature with its audience it has gradually lost its position as more interactive instruments keep coming up.

Uses and Gratifications Theory. Custom Uses and Gratifications Theory Essay Writing Service || Uses and Gratifications Theory Essay samples, help

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