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Selection Process. Custom Selection Process Essay Writing Service || Selection Process Essay samples, help

Interviews are a favorite in the selection of the best candidate for job positions. It involves inviting the applicants to an interview on a scheduled date. In this case, they attend the interview done by a panel of interviewers. Interview questions are used, all relating to the job positions to asses the level of qualification for a specific candidate (George, 2009).Short-listing is also a better way of selecting the candidates for the job. This is where a panel is used in the selection. The members of the panel sit around a table and select qualified candidates depending on the levels of qualifications as per the applicant's papers. The final candidate is a favorite with better qualifications assessed from his papers provided in the application (Alex, 2010).Interviews are of better use in the selection of the Business Analyst candidate at Fannie Mae. This will detail candidates who are short-listed for an interview after the applications. To ensure a valid and reliable selection process, additional information is a requirement for all candidates attending the interviews. This information is from CVs, application forms and references (Alex, 2010). In this job specification, it could be looking at qualifications regarding business analysts (degree in business administration, mass communion etc). This will better the method of choice basing it not only on personality but also on the paper qualifications. An additional selection test is ideal in the case of a business analyst. It could involve a scenario given to the candidates pursuing for the best solutions in business analysis (George, 2009).
Making the final selection must detail the information as per the job qualification descriptions. There has to be an understanding of Equal Opportunities Employment Policy within the panel conducting the final selection (George, 2009). This is ideal in bringing in unbiased selection and making a decision that favors the firm and getting the best and most qualified candidate for the Business Analyst job position.

Selection Process. Custom Selection Process Essay Writing Service || Selection Process Essay samples, help

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