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Quote to Introduce the Issue

“Sexual harassment is one of the key issues in the contemporary business world as increasing incidences continue to be reported all over the globe.” Notably, sexual harassment entails sexual favors, requests, and any other forms of bodily contact suggesting sex.

Reason for Choice of the Issue

It was vital to choose sexual harassment because it is one of the key ethical issues being witness in the present world of business. Many employees complain about sexual harassment from their bosses and other employees hence the need for discussion of this issue. The commonness of sexual harassment facilitated its choice for discussion in this paper.

Thesis Statement

This paper explicates sexual harassment as one of the key ethical issues affecting employees within the organization. The paper also presents effective alternatives for both the affected individuals and the overall organization.


  1.  Barnett (2007) asserts that sexual harassment determines some of the decisions that are made within the organization. This implies that some of these decisions would depend on whether the employee agreed or refused to give sexual favors
  2. Sexual harassment affects the overall performance of employees within the organization because of an unsafe working environment.

Ethical Issues to be Addressed

  1. On an individual level, improper personal behaviors and attitudes among individuals need to be addressed to ensure they comply with the required standards at an individual level
  2. At the organizational level, ethical issues relating to the improper and undesirable conduct of the members of management and overall employees need urgent address.
  3. At the societal level, ethical issues concerning the deviation from the established morals and ethical standards need to be addressed.


  1. According to Sims (2002), individual employees have the alternative of reporting any cases of sexual harassment to the required authorities within the organization or outside the organization.
  2. The organization has the alternative of establishing strong ethical standards that need to be observed by everyone strictly. This implies that the ethical standards should hold a firm position against sexual harassment.

Evaluation of Alternatives

In line with teleologicalism, alternative A is the best alternative because it would lead to the provision of best outcomes for individuals. However, in line with the deontological view, the alternative may not be effective because it may lead to varied outcomes of rejection of the case or acceptability and support of employees.

Teleologically, argument B would lead to the achievement of the required results because of its strong position on moral standards. On the other hand, the deontological view would not agree that morals would be a better alternative as they would not be followed by everyone.

Alternative and Justification

The best alternative is to enhance communication systems within the organization hence giving employees more chances of raising their grievances in an open manner. This alternative is the best because employees would be freer to say anything concerning the contravention of ethical standards. This will lead to the alleviation of sexual harassment because of the open reporting channels.

The Perception of the Alternative

Notably, the organization, individuals, and society would have a positive perception toward the alternative of opening up reporting and communication lines because of its effectiveness in the resolution of the matter of sexual harassment in business organizations.


Sexual harassment is one of the key ethical issues being reported in most business organizations. Notably, sexual harassment influences most decisions such as the promotion or demotion of individuals depending on their reaction. Employees have the alternative of reporting any incidences, organizations have the alternative of putting in place strong ethical standards to govern operations, and the society has the alternative of ensuring the established ethical standards as stated are followed. The best alternative to addressing sexual harassment is to open up proper communication channels within the organization and give employees better opportunities for reporting any incidences.

The Sexual Harassment. Custom The Sexual Harassment Essay Writing Service || The Sexual Harassment Essay samples, help

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