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Nursing informatics is a field in science that focuses on the provision of crucial information about nursing and the change in technology to improve the health of families and communities in general. This paper analyzes the best strategies applicable using technology in the field of health care to improve the health of different communities.

Considered Successful Strategies to Gain Clinical Adoption of a New Information System in the Health Care System

In the 21st century, every field of study and profession depends on technology, and that is the main reason why the health care system has to embrace technology. Notably, the first successful strategy of gaining the clinical adoption of information system in the health care system is introduction of computer education at the health cares. Evidently, most health care systems use the manual recordings of the patients’ progress and the medical personnel’s are not ready to adopt change. Ball (2008) affirms that, if the health care system can start educating the medical personnel’s on the use of the computerized devices, they would embrace it immediately. Additionally, teaching them on the need to embrace technology and its advantages would change their mentality.

Determination if the Strategy is Successful

After the adaptation of the strategies, it is vital to determine whether they are successful or not before progressing with them. This is easily determined by testing it for a given period in comparison to the old system used previously. Notably, after the computerized education to the nurses, they need to start using the new technology and the results be analyzed. According to McGonigle & Mastrian (2011), after trying the new system, the best thing is recording the results gained after using it for comparison with the older system. The success of using the new system can be affirmed if it performs better than the older one.

Determination if the Implementation of the Information System is Successful

The determination of the success of the implementation of the information system is same as the determination if the strategy is successful. This implies that this is determined by practicing the new application in comparison to the older one after full information with the system.

The Nursing Informatics. Custom The Nursing Informatics Essay Writing Service || The Nursing Informatics Essay samples, help

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