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The understanding of a poet’s life affects how he handles most of his or her works. Through reading the life history of a poet, an individual is in a better position in understanding what a poet would mainly be talking about in his or her poems. For example, in Annabel Lee’s case, the author was affected by the death of a loved one, which has been clearly brought out by the whole poem. In the poem “Lady Lazarus”, the narrator can be seen to be the poet themselves. In this poem, she shows how her life had been mishandled with torture through her experiences.

Poetic Irony

This is a poetic way of presenting two situations that are in contrast. It speaks in a subtle way with a lot of sense of humor. The humor is always exaggerated by saying what an individual does not really mean. In the poem called “The Tyger”, it is ironic that it is an immortal being that created the terrifying animal tiger, which is seen through the following lines: “Tyger, tyger, burning bright in the forests of the night, what immortal hand or eye”. In “Lady Lazarus”, she uses irony to show how she can revenge on men who have wronged her through this line: “Out of the ash I raise with my red hair and I eat men like air”. In “A dream within a dream”, the poet uses the irony of having a city within a sea. It is humorous to think of a city within a sea.

The Tone of the Poem

The tone used in "The Tyger” is humorous, the poet wonders who is this immortal being who created such a fierce animal. In “Lady Lazarus”, the tone comes out to be sad. This is because the whole poem is mourning the death of a loved one. In “A dream within a dream”, the tone brought out is more humorous, this is shown by the line that illustrates being in a city in a sea.

The Unexpected

In the poem “A dream within a dream”, the two verses contrast, which brings the unexpected mood. The first stanza is solemn while the second one is more passionate. In “Lady Lazarus”, the expectations are that it is death that cannot be prevented, but it comes out that the individual forced death to take his life away. In “The Tyger”, an individual may think that it is about fierceness, but the whole poem is talking about good and evil.

The Poet’s Life. Custom The Poet’s Life Essay Writing Service || The Poet’s Life Essay samples, help

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