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Prolonging life in order to prevent death, has become a common occurance among many patients in the present time of increased technology, and successful scientific inventions. This practice is usually done on patients with terminal illnesses such as cancer. Many arguments have been put forward about the issue of prolonging life in order to reduce death. One side of the argument is put forward by religion, especially Christianity, and it is against this practice. Christians argue that this practice is like a competition with God, who gives life and should, therefore, take it when the right time comes. It is thus an unethical practice among Christians, and it is unacceptable (Barbara, 7). On the other side, scientists and other individuals argue that it is helpful because it obviously makes one live longer. Many individuals accept and believe in this process, since it enhances the life of their loved ones. However, a question that still remains in the back of people’s minds is; should life always be prolonged?

There are several advantages of prolonging the life of an individual. One advantage is that the individual gets to live longer in the world while serving his nation or his people. Moreover, family and friends are always happy to see their relatives survive through tragedies. Secondly, prolonging the life of an individual gives doctors and other professionals a chance to prove to themselves, and to the restof the world that they can use their speciality and expertise to save the life of other individuals. In this way, their patients gain trust in them' and these patients might just get cured in the duration in which their lives are prolonged (Lazarus, 6). Prolonging life of an individual also gives the relative of the individual an assurance that, their loved one did live his life to his fulfilment until his moment of death. In this way, there is no blame towards the doctors regarding the circumstances int o which the death of the patient occured.

Prolonging the life of an individual also has its disadvantages. To start with, it is against some religions. Some religions term it as unethical as it is a sign of the human being competing with God (Clausen, 2). This makes some individuals become hopeless and lose their faith in the supernatural being they believe in. Secondly, some life prolonging processes and devices are often inserted in the human body. These are sometimes so painful to bear while in the body, and they bring suffering to the patient than the joy of being alive (White &Fitzpatrick, 5).

This issue is intensely compelling as one is torn between his/her religious beliefs to having an extra long life. To prolong life would mean that we are acting against the desires of nature and above all God. In science, it is noted that all living things, including human beings die at one time. It is the duty of living human beings to give in to death when time comes. Fighting death can be compared to fighting nature and God; the consequences of this can be devastating now or even in the future (Winter et al, 7). However, if an individual, his friends and relatives are given an opportunity to live one or even more years, there is always no harm in this since they want to always be with their loved ones, and they will eventually die at one point. My view is that life enhancement is a practice that should be encouraged. Moreover, it is the right of the patient or the individual who wants his or her life to be prolonged to decide whether his or her life needs such an adjustment. The human rights cause note that the human being has an upper hand over the decisions that concern his life. Therefore, prolonging life is a decision that should be left to the patient alone. 

The Death Prevention. Custom The Death Prevention Essay Writing Service || The Death Prevention Essay samples, help

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