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The New York State Model is a comprehensive model that was the resultant work of countless professional counselors and educators across New York State. It has received wide accolade and is regarded as one of New York State School Counselor Association’s (NYSSCA) most comprehensive programs. It addresses the reasons and benefits of transforming school counseling programs. Its implementation is relatively easy since it entails various support documents, activity manuals and basic ready-made implementation procedures. 

In their research, NYSSCA found out that the comprehensive development and implementation of an efficient, proactive and advanced counseling system that meets the needs of each and every student required that the counselors acquire a new set of skills. Traditionally, counselors adopted a service-driven model that incorporated three factors: counseling, consultation and coordination. The NYSSCA designed a new counseling program that was centered on a data-driven and standards-based model that gave rise to four major differences between a traditional school counselor and a transformed school counselor. This model incorporated the following factors: use of technology, oriented data-driven/results, advocacy, teaming and collaboration. By combining these factors with the traditional approach, counselors are bound to develop into vital educators in a school’s environment (Dahir et al., 2005).

As a school counselor, one can incorporate the No Child Left Behind provisions in their counseling style through following various guidelines as stipulated by the NYSSCA. First, one should not only follow the stipulated standards but also strive to reach beyond these targets. Secondly, a counselor should improve the mode of delivery of classroom-based instructions through technology. Thirdly, a counselor should facilitate plans and mechanisms that ensure  students’ success and remove any barriers towards achieving their goals. In addition, a counselor must communicate to the students the need to succeed and the resultant consequences if they do not. Finally, counselors must ensure that they give students a strong, no-holds-barred and successful start in their education (Rotunda, 2012).

The New York State Model. Custom The New York State Model Essay Writing Service || The New York State Model Essay samples, help

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