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The Impact of Color Caste on Black Occupations in the US. Custom The Impact of Color Caste on Black Occupations in the US Essay Writing Service || The Impact of Color Caste on Black Occupations in the US Essay samples, help

The emergence of black race in the US dates back to the 17th century during the era of Trans-Atlantic trade. This trade involved three continents: Africa, America and Europe rendering it the name triangular trade. It followed the exploration of the West African coast after the French colonization of Africa and America. The major trade commodity from Africa was slaves. They were composed of able bodied men who were captured with the help of African kings and transported to the plantations in America to provide labor. The slaves were collected at different points along the coast, oiled and tied in ships for transportation. Most of them died on the way before reaching the destination due to the harsh treatment. Others preferred to dive into the Atlantic Ocean for them to drown rather than endure such harsh of treatment. Slave trade came to an end after various humanitarian groups spearheaded campaigns against it. The efforts of the Christian Missionaries also participated in halting of slave trade.

The culmination of the triangular trade led to the emergence of the black American race in the US. This was due to the inability to return the ex-slaves back to their original homeland. The slaves settled in America and began their economic activities to enable them adapt to their new home. They intermarried with other whites leading to the succession of generation and gave rise to the Negroes, Mulattoes and Creole communities. With the early agricultural system, they were formed on the basis of the hierarchy.

Racial discrimination has, for a long time, been a concern in America with the natives viewing the black Americans as inferior. Such was evident in regard to job allocation and employment opportunities, political positions and other social places. Several campaigns have been set up by human rights activists to bring racial discrimination to an end. Martin Luther King is a renowned activist who spearheaded several movements to see an end to such an ‘evil’. He held several rallies and seriously advocated for the rights of the Negro, a move which ultimately led to his death.

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However, several reforms have taken place in America which has changed the overall opinion of the white people towards black Americans. A great yardstick was seen in 2008 after the election of the first African American, Barrack Obama, as the president of the US. This depicts a transformation in the minds of the American people. However, the supremacy of the white race is still embraced with the intimidation of black Americans, although to minimal levels.

Color caste refers to the prejudice against the black people and Mulattoes manifested by utter contempt and disrespect. Such discrimination has had detrimental impact on the black people of US. It has created inferiority complex among the African Americans. Based on the treatments they received, they were made to believe that they cannot manage anything which in turn quelled their aggressiveness in the execution of duties. The segregation has led to increased poverty levels among the black Americans. This is attributed to the fact that the black Americans have a restricted the range of jobs. They were associated with mediocrity, an opinion which has fueled the economic stagnation amongst them.

Education imbalance also emanated from this discriminatory move by the whites. This is evident in the differences in the schools for blacks and whites. The blacks were not allowed to attend schools which belonged to the white families. The quality of education offered in these schools was also different.  The level of performance of the black children was greatly affected causing imbalance between them and the white children.

Theprovision of health care was different for blacks and whites. The whites were given more preference in highly equipped hospitals with sophisticated medical instruments. The black Americans had specific hospitals where they could visit in case of illnesses. Medical and pharmacologic tests like introduction of a new drug were majorly done on the blacks. Such moves increased the mortality rates among the black population. This is coupled with the fact that the health care services were also below the standards of those given to the whites.

According to Dominguez, the Government was also discriminative in regard to resource allocation to different states. States dominated by blacks received minimum attention with increased focus on those majorly inhabited by the whites. This accounts for the reduced income contributed by these black states to the Federal Government. Such has led to the perpetual economic marginalization against black states explaining the vast economic imbalances across the various states of the US.

Color caste has also led to increment in the levels of unemployment among the black Americans. They were restricted in the kinds of jobs they could be eligible for. As a result, there are evident imbalances in the ratios of the civil servants in the US which has fueled poverty levels among the blacks. Color caste has also affected the attitude of employers towards employee. Black employees are harassed whereas the white employees are treated with dignity and respect. The variation in the salaries and wages has turned to be a factor of race with whites receiving favorable remuneration as compared to their black counterparts.

Color caste has been the major reason behind the reduced life expectancy among the blacks. This is due to the disparity in resource allocation and the increased plight of the black Americans. They work under very poor conditions making them vulnerable to the various health dangers. Within the military, black American soldiers would be placed on the front line during war especially the World War II. This would make them to be susceptible injuries or even deaths before the white soldiers are reached.

The increase in the number of drug addicts among the black Americans can be attributed to discrimination. As a result, the crime rate among the blacks has greatly increased due to idleness and massive unemployment levels. The youths are therefore predisposed to social evils. Prostitution and homosexuality have also been caused by the evident biasness. Some legislation that has been passed especially on drugs has been viewed as a war against the black Americans as they are the potential victims. Really amazing!

There are a number of unions which are geared towards fighting for the rights of the black Americans. Several human rights activists have risen to advocate for equality among American citizens. As a result, many blacks have been sensitized on the need to rise and fight for their rights. The Government has also passed the enactment which provides for equality for all people and the culmination of the discrimination against the blacks in workplaces.

The number of blacks involved in sports has immensely risen with time in the US. This is because of the different talents emanating from the black Americans. With the discriminatory measures on the provision of education, these blacks resorted to other extra-curricular activities which saw them excel in the sporting field. An analysis of the world athletics reveal that the majority of the Americans who win medals are blacks. This can also be attributed to the distinct genetic backgrounds of the black Americans.

During the 1930s and 1940s, many African Americans lost their homes in the hannds of the white settler who grabbed them forcefully. The blacks were viewed as inferior making them susceptible to the wiles of fraudsters and other criminals who rendered them homeless. The tenant-sharecropper system was very exploitative to the African Americans. They were the major victims to this scheme which increased their debt burden. The color caste has immensely contributed to increased struggle among the black Americans. It has made them to work hard in order to improve their economic status and to prove that they are also equal to the whites. This is evident by the immense increment in the number of blacks in the scientific sectors and their quest to make inventions.

Some black Americans have engaged in activities that would make them resemble the whites. Black men and women have resorted to use the beauty industry to manipulate their skin in the attempt to resemble their white counterparts. They use steroids and other drugs which turn their skin orientation to reduce in thickness and become lighter in complexion. This atrophy of the skin predisposes them to harmful effects of the ultra violet rays of the sun and other ionizing radiations. It has been the reason behind the rise in carcinomas among the black population in the US.

Racial discrimination has resulted to the rapid campaign to make the black American people belong to an independent nation. Several efforts have been made to fight for the sovereignty of the black people. The discrimination has been so intense to an extent where the blacks desire to push for autonomy at whatever cost. It is also related to the economic marginalization and the inequitable distribution of resources with the black people being sidelined.

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The color caste has led to the perpetuation of the African culture among the black Americans. Because of gross discrimination, the black people coiled back to keep some of the aspects that make the African culture unique. Such anthropological characteristics contribute a great deal in causing the idiosyncrasy of the blacks. It is for this reason that some of these cultures are still strongly embraced within the US. If the blacks had been assimilated without any discrimination, they would have easily forgotten their origin which would translate to cultural erosion.

Neal & Wilson outlines that the caste prompted the African Americans formed strong ties with the main aim of remaining united. Due to the prejudice against them, they have been able to become united as they strive to fight for their rights. They hold ceremonies such as marriages preferably between Africans and other Africans. Many black Americans are suffering from cardiovascular related diseases like hypertension due to the inflicted stress related to discriminatory practices. Stress affects the release of hormones and endorphins which trigger the elevation of blood pressures. One astonishing fact is that the caste system has also found its way among the black people themselves. The wealthy blacks have a negative attitude towards their poor fellows. This has exacerbated the marginalization retarding the pace of reforms to ensure equality in the US. This is because the blacks who should advocate for their rights have resorted to selfish ambitions portraying a man-eat-man society.

Color caste in the US is a topic of national importance and has impacted negatively on the lives of the black Americans. Stringent measures should be put in place eradicate this narrow-mindedness. This will ensure a united nation with one main objective of national development. By reducing the disparities in the distribution of income within the states of US, it is obvious that there will be an increase in the country’s economic strength.

The Impact of Color Caste on Black Occupations in the US. Custom The Impact of Color Caste on Black Occupations in the US Essay Writing Service || The Impact of Color Caste on Black Occupations in the US Essay samples, help

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