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Triumph of the Will. Custom Triumph of the Will Essay Writing Service || Triumph of the Will Essay samples, help

This thesis is a research on the film triumph of Will. I carried out the research as a basis of understanding what exactly happens in the film industry. Releasing a film by a certain person is procedural and requires resources: both time and financial.  I wanted to find out when the film was released, the persons involved, voice narration, peripheral characters, the montage sequence and the depth of contents.

I undertook to watch the film to understand what exactly it was about before writing this thesis paper. I also collaborated with some friends of mine and consulted on the in-depth of the film.


This is a German propaganda film made by Leni Riefenstahl. It captures the happenings of the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg which draws attendance of over 70,000 supporters of the Nazi Party. The film contains speeches by various Nazi leaders including those by Adolf Hitler. Hitler serves as an unofficial executive producer and his name appears in the opening titles.

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The movie is directed by Leni Riefenstahl.

It is written by Leni Riefenstahl and Walter Rittman

The stirring of the film is:

1. Adolf Hitler

2. Herman Goring/p>

3. Joseph Goebbels

Other Nazi Leaders

The music is by Herbert Windtdsvc and Richard Wagner

Editing is by Leni Riefenstahl

Studio coordination is done by Reichsparteitag-film

The film was released on March 28, 1935 Berlin, Germany

The film runs for 114 minutes

Production is done in Nazi Germany.

The theme of the film is the comeback of Germany into power after having being subdued and ridiculed in World War I. Hitler is the leader of the Country and we see him determined to take Germany back to its position. The film is released in 1935 and later it becomes a leading propaganda film in the film industry. The movie uses a series of techniques in its shooting. One of the most significant ones is the use of moving cameras and use of long focus lenses to creative a distorted view.

The film starts with a prorogue showing the time and date of occurrence. This is important specifically for the person watching. Some people prefer watch films depending on their timing. There are those people who prefer watching films that are current and referring to recent events. Others prefer films that appear older. The Film starts with shots of the cclouds above in the city and then shows us the scene of the multitude of people below. This serves to appeal to the audience’s attention. It alerts them of the kind of film they should actually expect. Hearing shots means they are to expect a film with some violence in it. The cameras are very important. This is because:

1. They enhance visual understanding. The audience is able to see what exactly happened and this enhances understanding of the movie. They are able to connect the sense of hearing to that of seeing and this makes them get what is going on in a more candid manner.

2.  The movement of cameras also captures the attention of the audience. The cameras are able to rotate from one scene to another and this makes breaks monotony. The audience is therefore able to remain alert and to focus on what is actually happening.

3. Cameras also enhance characterization. It is easier for the audience to associate a certain character with a certain individual based on what they see. Hearing only would not make it as solid as it is when cameras are included.

In this case the cameras capture the occurrence right from when Hitler of Germany decides to address td he crowd until when he actually does so. He is seen guarded by his soldiers making it a war-like film. This would be unlike a situation of a film that only includes sound.

Triumph of the Will. Custom Triumph of the Will Essay Writing Service || Triumph of the Will Essay samples, help

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