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The new media in Britain is made up of several forms of electronic communication in this new computer world. This new media is believed to be playing a vital role in shaping the social life of people all over UK. There has been a drastic cultural change that has occurred since the new technologies were used to enhance the old media form to the new media form. The new media in Britain is characteristic of several communication media such as newspapers, television, magazines, radio, and websites that are Internet based. The United Kingdom has diverse and wide range of providers with the most prominent ones being the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the public service broadcaster. The main BBC competitor is the ITV pic that operates 11 of all the 15 regional televisions broadcasters. The News Corporation operates several leader national newspapers such as The Times and The Sun through News International. Regional media in Britain is covered by television, radio and print newspaper. Trinity Mirror operates more than 240 regional and local newspapers in Britain, as well as newspapers like the Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror (Lyall, 2010). 

New media has changed Britain’s social behavior in entertainment, communication and information sectors. This situation can be closely associated with the free expression and the dogged reporting nature of the new media in Britain. The new media in Britain has a broader culture of dogged reporting by the journalists. Any issue coming up immediately finds itself printed or twitted. This has led to stories being covered even without any prominence. A good example is the Guardian reporting on the Murdoch-land evils where the paper dogged the reporting. The Media also enjoys the freedom of expression especially on the Journalism ethics. The existing media laws advocate for free expression and this has given the media the freedom to unearth wrong doings using a variety of methods such as secret filming and recording, and phone hacking as such stories sell the most. The most targeted culprits are the MPs pushing further the legality boundaries. The above media situation has consequently shaped the nation cultural diversity ( Harcourt, 2006).

The new media has resulted in several changes to the lives in United Kingdom. It has so far affected the identities and cultures of most of the citizens. It is also believed that the media has added a new form of flare in interpretation and expression for which the Briton society has with time come to value. The media has not only affected the morals forms of its citizens but also the entertainment, business and politics. A good example of its political contribution is that politicians are now more careful and cannot involve themselves in vices such as corruption and other social scandals. This has led to the nation having better and clean leaders as the ones referred by the public as dirty are often exposed by the media. The Guardian recently revealed the depravity of the hacking scandal that left David Cameron in a hot seat with most people calling for his resignation (Gitelman, 2008).

The new media has also had its negative effects in the cultures of its citizens making some people regard it a form of threat or evil to society values. This is related to pornographic articles in some magazines as well as crime programs and documentaries in the national television channels that have shaped the morals of most of the children. Some people also believe that the new media has been a source of loss of identity in the Briton society creating social isolation by blocking social interaction that was being experienced in the past. Despite the allegations, the new media have contributed to cultural diversity and better interconnectedness. It has engaged a better understanding of the different cultures and diversity especially from the immigrants. In relation to business, the new media has also played a big role in shaping it. Commercials can now easily reach everyone, anywhere in the world. This has led to some businesses in Britain doing better than other similar business all over the world. A good example is the English premier league that has so far dominated the sports world more than other soccer leagues like the Laligain Spain and Bundesliga in Germany. Super sport has been in the forefront in airing the matches to every corner of the world. This has been a good market sale to the main sponsors, Barclays Bank, as it has received popularity all over the world (Bagdikian, 2004).

The new media has made the country really small. Citizens can now easily share and view information without even moving. It has thus had server impacts on the citizens’ democracy, age groups and ethical issues. This is because the number of hours spent by Britons watching television programs every week has greatly increased. Statistics have it that the Citizens in Britain averagely spent 25 hours watching television every week. This makes most of the citizens catch up with the latest developments in all sectors in the country. The BBC remains the most watched channel in Britain. However, it is non commercial thus the citizens are forced to shift to other commercial channels like Channel 4, ITVI and Channel 5.  The new media has enabled active participation of Britons of all age groups to participate actively in the new media through open source like wikis, social networking sites and blogs (Landry and Wood, 2006).

The media has now included the young generation with its different forms of sharing and learning. More than 50% of the teenagers now create content like music, pictures, video and texts in the internet. The new media has also given room for the freedom to write, speak, and share ideas and information. The media now enjoys the right to criticize on educational, political, and educational issues. Citizens can now post blogs and videos to support their favorite leaders and parties effectively. For example in the just concluded elections, Nick Cleg, received mass support from the young generation in the social blogs such as twitter and facebook. The new media has also changed the perspective of commenting and sharing religious issues. The Muslim religion is the most affected religion (Landry and Wood, 2006).

The New Media Monopoly. Custom The New Media Monopoly Essay Writing Service || The New Media Monopoly Essay samples, help

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