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Today, immigrants experience many advantages compared to the early immigrants due to advancements in technology that enabled them to maintain contact with their relatives in their native home countries, moreover the present day immigrants are able to maintain their sense of identity. The earlier immigrants were prone to the racial discrimination and attacks by the Native Americans, since they were discriminated in housing and employment opportunities in comparison to the current immigrant groups. The color of the skin was a major factor of the prime importance because the immigrants with lighter skin color enjoyed a grand status; hence, earlier, the black immigrants faced a lot of problems in America because they had been seen as being inferior to other races. It is interesting that some of the immigrants were not prepared to face their inferior and minority status. Moreover, the Jedish immigrants are favored considering their European descent and lighter skin in addition to their education status.

During the early 18th and 19th centuries, immigrants were absorbed directly in to undesirable jobs; however, the today’s immigrants attend a myriad of bureaucratic processes by making certain payments before receiving any authorization to work in America (Foner 3). Moreover, female immigrants were met with a lot of obstacles upon arriving to America. In their native homelands, the female immigrants often had the jobs in managing their households but upon landing in America, they found their jobs even more house bound. Hence, they found themselves less worldly as immigrants than before in their native homelands. Furthermore, the female immigrants had a lot of difficulties in understanding the new culture, while their husbands understood the new language and customs at the work places faster.

The female immigrants were subjected to a greater dependence and subordination in comparison with their male counterparts and felt relaxed to move outside their communities where most of them felt very uncomfortable. Children never experienced many problems because they were mostly absorbed into work or would go to school where they could pick the American ways of life up. Today, the female immigrants are free to work outside their homes and enjoy their independence, as well as the empowerment that had been quite unfamiliar to the earlier immigrants. The effect of this is that women felt an increased sense of empowerment. Therefore, this contributes to the confrontation in their households with their husbands who were not comfortable while accepting the new demands of life and the new roles that their wives had acquired (Foner 1).

According to Heyer, when people think about immigrants being not registered, they often think of the individuals who wait for long hours to take an advantage of the generous nature of the Native Americans as they are seeking for jobs (1). The author claims that men are often sponsored by their employees to obtain green cards, and women are typically not, hence, they find jobs in such unregulated industries, as the domestic labor that offers a very less of protection. In addition, women working domestically are exploited as working for the long working hours and face the social separation, as well as get a low income (Heyer 2).

Today’s immigrants have instilled a new pattern of discipline to their siblings seen as unacceptable in the American way of life. Even though the time has changed with some advancement in the technology and the new forms of communication, as well as a more caring society, the today’s immigrants are still subjected to the problems of racial discrimination and language barriers. These problems are still the same but differ in the sense that the balance has changed. Today’s immigrants are faced with more bureaucratic problems than the earlier immigrants. The increase in the number of immigrants moving to America has led to a more selective way to ensure that their inclusion into the American society has got no negative implication in the society in the whole. Today’s immigrants face numerous advantages for the survival as well as the advantages of technology that have made it easier for them to get in touch with their family members in their home countries.

The Female Immigrants. Custom The Female Immigrants Essay Writing Service || The Female Immigrants Essay samples, help

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