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Aids was first discovered in min 1970 s,  with over 22 million reported cases from then. It still remains the leading cause of death in Africa.

Being an expensive and lifetime disease to the infected ones makes it costly to maintain their life style of eating balance diet foods and expensive drugs which are not always available in government hospital. This hinders development as the infected use their available recourses to maintain their health rather than investing it to other profitable ventures (Allers, 2010).

It becomes very hard or impossible for those who are infected or affected by the disease to be able to offer the human workforce in their place of work. The sick are unable to work since the disease makes one very weak especially at its later final stages. The relatives too who take care of the sick are also affected in their place of work since the concentrate more on taking care of the sick. With lack of human resource the economy of the country is greatly affected and this one major reason why Africa development deteriorate.

Education is also highly affected. Some students contact AIDS while in school and most of them end up dropping school due to stigmatization from their peers. In other cases some children are born with the virus thus they lack the chance to complete their education as they die young before their maturity (Lunzen, 38).Some students are affected emotionally by death or illness of their parents or relatives thereby affecting their studies .In some cases the infected happens to be the teachers / lectures and most of the times they miss classes thus the performance of the students which is supposed to “brighten Africa “deteriorate

The government has invested a lot in tryng to whipe or curbs the pandemic. This is through acquiring new antiretroviral drugs which are very expensive and which the infected cannot do without. The government has spent a lot of money through campaigns and civic education trying to educate the citizen on ways to control and prevent the spread of this disease. Sometimes the government spends a lot of money in sponsoring and facilitating education of bright students e.g. in universities scholarship with expectation that the students will give back to the society, only for Aids to kill or affect these future hopes. The money spent by the government in these campaigns could have been used in other development projects which could generate income for the country (Tincati, 45).

For a nation to develop it needs good education, good infrastructure services, enough and health human resources, good working environment, enough natural recourses among others , AIDs has been a big hindrance to all this in African continent. Affecting the human resource, government using its resources to fight the disease, discrimination, stigmatization, education problems due to AIDs is a major reason why Africa has remained to be a ‘dark continent’.

Every country should strive to wipe out this disaster by all means possible. Civic education, concerning Aids should be introduced early in lower school. Parents should also play a major role in advising their children without shying away.

"The Dark Continent". Custom "The Dark Continent" Essay Writing Service || "The Dark Continent" Essay samples, help

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