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The Delegation Process. Custom The Delegation Process Essay Writing Service || The Delegation Process Essay samples, help

Delegation refers to an act of assigning work to another person; mainly one’s junior, at the place of work. Steps involved in recording and filling of grades.

  1. The student graduate should register himself with the grading system to get a code that will allow them access to the system.
  2. Log into the grading system and click on the table menu.
  3. Then edit the characters of the cells in the top most columns in order for it to display, student ID in the first field, grade in the second field, last date of participation in the third field and an explanation of the entries in the last field.
  4. Fill in each cell with the information that I will provide appropriately in the required sequence.
  5. Click on the suggested file to be used and prepare it. One can either use micro soft excel or any text file.  It then calls for the file to contain the students ID in the first column, students’ grade in the next column and the last participation date in the last column in this format MM/DD/YYYY.
  6. When using excel, please remove column headings.
  7. One, therefore, browses to find the file, then select and upload it.
  8. Click submit after reviewing the file comparing its entries with the original data I provided.

Need For delegation

If delegation is done correctly, it improves the efficiency of the work at hand. Delegation also ensures efficiency and superb quality of work. This is so because; delegation does help in reducing the work load. This leaves enough work to be tackled by the person in authority. It eventually relaxes the character and gives him or her breathing space. He or she will be better placed to think critically and handle more pressing issues in the organization.

Delegation also ensures an even distribution of work. It allows no room for idling which is a common characteristic of most lazy workers. It ensures no party is too busy to attend to other tasks and, therefore, no excuses at the place of work.

There are different levels of authority. Positional authority emanates in terms of capacity that one holds in an organization. Relational authority can be expressed in circumstances where leaders come into contact with their supporters. They may understand each other better. Experiential authority emerges where there is competition within the organization. This exists among individuals of the same level at the work place. Moral authority encompasses what leaders endure from time to time.

Parental authority is exercised by leaders at the highest authority level. These leaders have a desire to nurture their subordinates towards success. As a college professor, in this case, it is necessary to effectuate the position one holds. He is in a high level as compared to the graduate assistant. Since he wants him the latter to improve his skills, he teaches him how to register and fill in the grades.

This delegation helps in reducing the professor’s workload. He is responsible for planning the graduates work schedule. He is also responsible for directing and instructing the assistant on how work is supposed to look like. This also involves directing him on the organization and outlook of the work in terms of quality.

This puts the professor at risk as he is solely responsible for any mistakes committed by the assistant. This is because he is the ultimate determinant of the quality of work done. He has to understand that the filling in of grades needs a person full of integrity and honor. These are factors that may affect the lives of people. The lecturer should acknowledge the work of the graduate assistant and guide him in case he commits mistakes.

The Delegation Process. Custom The Delegation Process Essay Writing Service || The Delegation Process Essay samples, help

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