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Police Misconduct. Custom Police Misconduct Essay Writing Service || Police Misconduct Essay samples, help

Thesis statement

The ways police misconduct is handled in the United States of America has greatly aided the culture of continued and unpunished conduct of police against civilians.

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Proposed Outline

  • Introduction
    • A general overview of police misconduct
      • What constitutes police misconduct
      • A brief history
      • General view of this behavior
  • Major cases of police misconduct
    • An overview of cases of misconduct that have been reported
  • What hampers the fight against police misconduct
    • The culture and code of silence among members of the police force
    • The "us versus them" mentality
    • The culture of solidarity among the police force
  • How those who go against their professional duties are punished. (Those who propagate the police misconduct)
    • Analysis of whether there is actual punishment or not
    • Analysis of whther the punishment can deter this behavior
  • Conclusion
    • A recapture of the main point
    • A concluding statement that proves the thesis statement

Annotated Bibliography

Walker S and MacDonald M. (2008).Alternative Remedy for Police Misconduct: A Model State          Pattern for Practice Statute. Civil Rights Law Journal.

In this article, pertinent issues that appertain to the issue of police misconduct have been covered. The author examines what can be done to rectify the problem of police misconduct as the current measures appear to have failed. The work shall be of great relevance to this research especially on the analysis of effectiveness of deterrence methods. 

Manis J.,  Archbold C. A. and Hassell K.D. (2008). Exploring the impact of police officer education level on allegations of police misconduct.  International Journal of Police Science and Management. 10(4) pp 509-523

This paper examines the relationship between the level of education of the officers and offences connduscted. The work shall be of relevance to this research as it shall help show whtehr certain education levels can help eradicate the menace of police misconduct.

LAMBE J. and BORMANN D. (2011) Citizen Complaint spurred inquiry into KCK police. Kansas City Star Jan. 06 2011.

This media article examines a case of police misconduct and how the offenders were arrested. The article is relevant especially in showing how the code of silence among the police officers can be broken.

Barry D. P. (2008). Handling Police Misconduct in an Ethical Way. University of Nevada.  Thesis paper

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This academic paper from the University of Nevada explores various ways that police misconduct can be tackled in a humane way. The work shall aid by showing how relevant observance of ethics is in the process of determining the final.

Casey J. (2006). Handling police misconduct issues in Oklahoma. Oklahoma: Lorman.

This work covers how police misconduct should be handled. Although the work is limited to Oklahoma, the conclusions drawn shall be inferred to the whole police population inorder to show how this problem can be solved.

Police Misconduct. Custom Police Misconduct Essay Writing Service || Police Misconduct Essay samples, help

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