Woodrow Wilson Dichotomy


The effective management is a key to the  effective governing of any state. The prominent United States scholar and one of the most outstanding Presidents of the United States of America Woodrow Wilson is known for his valuable commitment to the development of the public service, both of the pre-war times and the contemporary analogue of the one. His politics and administration dichotomy must be viewed as one of the most informative tools for those, who began their careers as a politicians. It is highly advisable for them to refer to this marvelous book and to seek advice and guidance on the complicated and intricate matters of the internal and international policy.                                             

The aim of this essay is to evaluate the main features of the political course of Woodrow Wilson that has been outlined in the Politics and Dichotomy, to specify the advantages and disadvantages of this course and to discourse whether the strategies and methods which have been advocated by Woodrow Wilson are applicable for the contemporary United States of America and other democratic countries of the Western world.

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In order to evaluate the efficiency of the Wilson’s model and to assess the applicability for the modern world, I have focused this essay on the aspects relating to the sector of the internal public administration and the internal economy as the most illustrative spheres of the state life.

Internal Administration and Governance under the Principles of Dichotomy

First and foremost, it is vitally important to accentuate the fact that the main achievement of Woodrow Wilson and his major contribution to the world’s political legacy was the concept that politics and management is not merely a profession but is an academic discipline. Therefore, with the establishment of this idea and with the scholarly support of this notion, a wide number of researches on various politically-related subjects have been conducted and ultimately, the efficiency of public administration was increased.

The Regulation of the Public Management

One of the most topical issues of the United States of America during the tenure of the Woodrow Wilson was the extensive and intricate bureaucratic apparatus.  In order to render the order of the President of the United States of America, numerous and consecutive actions should have been taken by the United States officials according to the hierarchical system that was established before the presidency of Wilson. A great many of decisions that have been adopted by the governors and by the authorized representatives of the President were subjected to the extensive scrutiny by the local councils. Moreover they were constantly challenged by the office of the public attorney and the courts willingly repelled them upon the solicitations of the attorneys.  Due to the complexity of the bureaucratic apparatus the revolutionary initiatives of the President were usually executed when the necessity to realize them was no longer acute. 

When Woodrow Wilson assumed the power, the first strategic political decision was the complete removal of the irrelevant bureaucratic procedures and the unnecessary policy of assenting and countersigning. To illustrate the office of state attorneys was no longer entitled to challenge which were issued by the Administration of the President of the United States of America. 

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A significant set of the drastic managerial decisions have been taken by Wilson’s administration and the campaign of dismissals was launched.

Regulation of the Economy

Woodrow Wilson regarded the economy and the government as the two integral constituents of the state which must collaborate and cooperate in order to ensure the existence of each other. In contrast to his main opponents, who considered that the government must serve the interests of the business, the model that was advocated by Wilson contained the principle that both the business and the government are the organs of the one body.

Following this assumption, the Administration of Woodrow Wilson entirely justified the intervention in the activity of the banking institutions, mutual trusts and other financially-oriented organizations.  The main banking operations were forced to be completely consistent with the financial policy that was elaborated by the financial department of the Administration of the United States President.  Naturally, the measure that have been undertaken by Woodrow Wilson during his tenure helped to deter the looming Great Depression and following his Guidance Franklin Delano Roosevelt managed to help the country to overcome the crisis.

Application of Wilson Ideas in the Contemporary Political Affairs

The ideas that have been elaborated by Woodrow Wilson do seem to be partially applicable today. However, it must be considered that while remaining a valuable sphere for the scientific studies and researches, the practical value of this doctrine is no longer helpful for many reasons.

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First and foremost, the strict hierarchical doctrine of public management is no longer needed, because the irrelevant procedures have been successfully removed both by the initiatives of the United States Senate and the Administration of the President.

Secondly, with regard to the regulation of the economy, the Great Depression and the Economic Recession 2008-2010 indicated that the global as well as the internal market of the United States of America turned into self-regulating environments which always flexibly and willingly react to the initiatives of the United Government.                                                       Considering everything that has been laid above, my firm opinion is that the distinction between the politics and the administration which has been identified by Woodrow Wilson as well as the rest pillars of the effective governing advocated by him are no longer applicable  from  the practical point of view nowadays.

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