Presidential Debate 2012

The distinguished President Barack Obama and the Republican nominee, Mr. Mitt Romney were being struck by a position of buy-and hold- basic approach as evident in the final ever presidential debate. It was on Monday night, and neither candidate appeared to be out to establish a significant gaffe amid an anticipated tightening race. The analysis based on the debate is well explained in this paper.

Attitude towards opponent

Mitt Romney, as evident on the eventful night, took a temperate tone in the whole debate. He accused the president of persistently apologizing for most of the country’s ideas abroad — something that president Obama vigorously denied — and also failing to fight for its prime ideals, especially as eminent during the revolutionary "Arab Spring."

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President Obama, on the other hand, came out as sarcastic and always dismissive towards Mr. Romney.

Interactions with moderator:

CBS’ Bob Schieffer was the man in control of the debate. He kept a tight rein on the presidential candidates. The two men were respectful and polite to the moderator. They responded to his wish.


Do they stay on topic or try to change topic?

President Obama tried his best to stay on course and responded to all questions in accordance with the topic at hand. However, he veered off on some instances. Mr. Romney came out as exceptionally defensive and kept on changing his ideas as the debate progressed. He responded in a way that appeared to suit the audience.

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Ways of differentiating themselves from the opponents and issues of attack.

President Obama vehemently accused Mr. Romney of being in favor of the across-the-board tax cuts, which were out to benefit the wealthy while neglecting the needs of the middle class. This would eventually plunge US deeper into unexpected debt. Romney, on the other hand, cited his experience in working in many private businesses for many years, where he rescued the renowned scandal-plagued 2002 and the Winter Olympics. This happened while he was the governor of Massachusetts; he was better placed to manage the countries affairs.


What issues do they agree with their opponent on?

The two presidential hopefuls agreed on many issues. These include those touching on Afghanistan, Israel and Iraq. They endorsed the ideas and ideals that both parties shared for the best interests of the Nation. Another issue was the use of famous predator drones that garnered enough support from both sides.

President Obama and Romney’s conduct.

Mitt Romney, as evident on the eventful night, took a temperate tone in the whole debate. He appeared uneasy and tried to hide it with constant smiles to the audience. President Obama was confident and comfortable during the whole debate. He took his questions in the most appropriate way.

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Who won the debate? Why?

President Obama won the debate as he clearly elucidated on the most pertinent issues that were called for in the debate. He stayed on course the whole night.

What the initial press reports represented.

The press reports always conflicted. This is because some of the statistics given did not represent the situation on the ground. A lot of bias is evident.

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