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Terrorism is the use of threats or even violence in order to compel, intimidate, or modify the peaceful nature of a nation. The war on terrorism is evident mainly by the United States of America intelligence. It is the operation by the past and existing security personnel. It has been under evaluation by many world forces all the way when the U.S. has been carrying out its war on terror. The number of human lives lost during these events is alarming. However, it is not only the United States of America executing these wars (Jenifer, 2012). Involvements of various nations always lead to severe impacts on humanity. Although, the calls for Human Rights have never occurred particularly against the countries like the U.S. and other super powers. In turn, these countries tend to choose approaches to fighting terrorism that normally conflict with the universally accepted rights of humans. The federal government’s involvement in war against terrorism can never be justified despite the eventual outcome of the process employed. Life is precious and highly valued, and respect for life is paramount. The war on terror has significantly contributed to the abuse of fundamental human rights (Khan, 2006).

The United States of America always enters into conflicts with many world nations, especially in the name of fighting terrorism. Such actions have led to deaths of plenty of soldiers, both its citizens and other innocent civilians. Their struggle has been in vain as it has not yielded victory over terrorists. It has propelled criticism from various world bodies as the U.S.’s intention has never been accomplished. They still carry on holding to these wars despite harming innocent people. The loss of lives of these soldiers at the war front, as well as of other people, keeps affecting communities as numbers of helpful people is decreasing all the time.

Furthermore, the war on terror not only destroys lives of people but also affects ethics in a society (Elliott, n.d.). The once respected and valued societal norms are also under destruction as young people make a decision to join terror gangs. It happens because the attacked nations seek revenge. It includes countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Friends and families, which provide order, harmony, and understanding within communities, lose lives at an alarming rate. The amount of money sunk into these wars is a travesty to the escalating levels of poverty some nations experience (Khan, 2006). This money could have better served as donations to the third world countries. It is also hurtful to the families of those soldiers who end up losing their lives while fighting for the idea that never materializes.

Many nations that have given in to the fight against terror manage to jeopardize the security in their backyard. It is difficult to predict when terrorists would attack. They have a notion of a raging war against those nations that are affiliates of the United States of America’s call for war against them. It was evident in Kenya, in 1998, where the U.S.  Embassy faced terror attacks leading to the deaths of thousands of people (Jenifer, 2012). So, whom should individuals blame for it? Should nations keep on fighting? A cost-benefit analysis should be conducted to evaluate the grounds of this war. The fear created has to be addressed (Chernus, 2011). World governing bodies on human rights have been focusing on addressing this issue. The Amnesty International has been on the forefront and in 2003 it questioned the motives behind these wars. It was done by weighing the number of lost lives against the targets set. The results were disturbing: more than seventy percent of the proportion was lost lives. It was demonstrated that the war on terror has turned the world into an unsafe pit of fear and distrust (Jenifer, 2012).

Nations should come up with better ways of handling terrorism. It should include consultation and negotiations. Many people may argue that security is not negotiable, but the rate at which ruthless extermination is taking place calls for attention. The war on terror should be scrutinized and finally stopped for the benefit of humanity.

The War on Terror. Custom The War on Terror Essay Writing Service || The War on Terror Essay samples, help

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