Omnibus Bill

An omnibus bill is mainly one that constitutes of many items in one document (Wise Geek 2012). In this case, it may have one common name for all items. In addition, an omnibus bill constitutes those minute issues that can be solved at once saving the congress time and money. For this reason, an omnibus bill is large with many items or issues buried inside (Wise Geek 2012). Therefore, an omnibus bill has several differences from other bills in the way congress performs the process of implementation.

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Therefore, when the congress is implementing other bills, they only name one fundamental issue that is valuable or sensitive (Hamilton 14). In this case, they take time while making implementation to the bill. On the other hand, when congress is implementing an omnibus bill, it comprises many minute issues that are not too much sensitive. In this case, they do not require much attention on their own during implementation in comparison to the process  when they are together (Wise Geek 2012). An excellent example of an omnibus bill is the omnibus budget bill. It constitutes of all items of the American budget. However, a health insurance bill is an example of an ordinary bill. It is extremely sensitive, and the congress cannot combine it with other minute bills (Hamilton 65).

The strategy behind the omnibus bill during implementation is to combine those items or issues that are minute together into one outstanding bill. It should be noted that these items must have a relationship (Wise Geek 2012). For example, the omnibus budget bill constitutes of  all issues relating to the budget. This entails a health budget, a transport budget and the education budget in one bill. In this case, the government uses the strategy of putting items or issues together in one bill since it is cheaper and it saves time in comparison to implementing the issues alone (Hamilton 102). As a result, it becomes an omnibus bill.

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