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The apprehension about United States military forces engagements with the Middle East nations is often depicted to be baseless speculations and mere conspiracy theory. The documentary, Blood and Oil, is a critical masterpiece that challenges this ideology among people. It unearths the truth about how oil concerns in Middle East have been the scope of Unites State’s policies, for close to six decades. This involvement has rendered the military policies and the nation’s contemporary energy to be virtually inseparable. Klare’s documentary has immensely advanced class system theory concepts.
Long before the Gulf war, US military forces had started to be deployed to the Arabic nations with an underlying goal of protecting their primary sources of oil. This was taken as a form of hostile outside invasions by the Arabic nations. Consequently, this triggered war through opposition to invasion by the Middle East nations. The war claimed millions of lives from people in the region. Imperialism is the key concept of the class system theory unearthed by Klare’s film. Imperialism occurs when an economically robust nation exploits the resources of less developed nations (Brewer. Pp. 16).

According to the film, the strong influence of US government over oil mines in Middle East nations has hampered the economic development of the countries. This is because of often wars against imperialism by the Arabic nations. Efforts and resources are used to finance these wars by the partially developed nations. The resources would have otherwise been channeled to induce economic developments in the region. Because imperialism involves the use of military force by a nation, it is considered ethically objectionable (Imperialism). A second concept induced by the documentary is dependency theory, which is a concept related to globalization.

Dependency concept characterizes a state where a nation’s economic resources flow from 3rd world countries to first class developed nations. Dependency strategy emphasizes on benefits of international trade to create economic development (Kaiser, Pp. 45). The situation enriches the already developed countries and worsens off the undeveloped nations. The US government dominates the oil mining regions through the provision of capital intensive equipment’s for mining. This way, it obtains immense profits at the expense of the local nations. However, these concepts are prone to critiques by various theorists.

Theorists such as Vladimir L. Lenin would refute the negative effect of imperialism to an undeveloped nation. Lenin would argue that imperialism is an evidence of superiority by a nation. US being a powerful nation would provide all mining infrastructures to the Arabic nations. Critiques like Amir Samir would refute the dependency concept. He would place a hypothesis stating that dependency enables economic developments and national reforms.

Class System Theory. Custom Class System Theory Essay Writing Service || Class System Theory Essay samples, help

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