The Influence of Social Media

Through the social media, the political and cultural landscape of the Middle East has changed tremendously. In the landscape of politics, the dictator governments have been unable to oppress the citizens anymore since the world will instantly learn of the malpractice (Hamdan 1). The governments of Assad in Syria and Mubarak in Egypt tried to shut down the internet, to stop the spreading of information concerning their oppressive ruling. The rulers were lagging behind the protesters in terms of digital knowledge. This made it possible for them to counter the ruling dictators.

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However, the government of such countries as Bahrain and Israel is competence with regard to the internet and social media usage. The Bahrain government spreads the propaganda against the opposing side through the usage of numerous fake accounts in Twitter and Facebook (Shalby 1). This drove the citizens to take issues into their hands; for example, in Israel, the defense forces use Twitter to spread propaganda and promote themselves. This helps to win the confidence of people and spread fear among the rebels and the opposition. The population’s feelings are tapped against Gaza and Hamas in general. In social media, some people spread propaganda while others tell the truth concerning the ongoing violence in Gaza and Israel. The people are able to speak of the government’s malpractices that would otherwise be impossible to do physically.

The numbers of people using the internet, especially the societal media, in the Middle East have augmented rapidly. People can talk to everyone and can have a boundary less conversation concerning the political and social situation of their area (Rash 1). Some people make their living through the blogging and other activities over the internet. Regional advertisers are also engaged in the promoting their products in the internet to ensure their products reach the target customers who have flocked the societal media.

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