The novel The Bomb was written by Frank Harris. In the story, the police are engaging themselves in dispersing street protests. This is in the year 1886, and a bomb is thrown at the police killing eight of them. Many other civilians are killed and more wounded. The police are able to arrest seven men. The violence depicted in this act between the protesters gives a different meaning to both parties. The protesters believe they have a right to fight for their right in any way possible. They believe the only way the authorities will listen to them is through violent protests. These acts bring out a morally right aspect. However, to the policemen, they believe it is morally not right for people to take their protest to the streets. The mass murders that happen later are meant to liberate certain people from certain issues that they feel they are being oppressed with. The seven are arraigned in court and sentenced to death. There is a man called Louis Lingg, among them. According to (Harris 2006), he is the mastermind of all the violence and murders.

Lingg’s devoted disciple Rudolf Schnaubelt tells us how Lingg’s true colors are. He believes in him so much that he does everything he is told to do. Lingg is able to convince Schnaubelt to commit mass murders for a noble cause. He is sent on a mission to throw a bomb that kills eight policemen. He is also able to murder many people without feeling guilty about it. Schnaubelt says he feels at peace after committing those acts of violence and murders. The truth behind his outward picture may be a different one.

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Lingg later commits suicide using a homemade bomb that he was able to smuggle into the prison. In the end, it shows that his tactic did not yield to anything sensible. Violence is an issue I personally think is not morally right. Dialogue should be given a chance before people engage in violent attacks (Edward 2007). Many innocent lives are lost and many wounded. The need for violence for a cause is not an excuse to harm people.

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