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The evolving aspects of technology make it a diverse and dynamic factor of human life in the world today. Therefore, it is critical that the constant developments in technology be checked to ensure the fundamental characteristics of human nature are not compromised. The OTA was a functional control mechanism of determining the value and drawbacks of technology. Despite the need for scientific and technological innovations, the OTA ensured that they were in conformity with the preservation of humanity and human interests.
Technology characterizes civilization in terms of developments achieved in a given era while influencing human life significantly on a daily basis. The dependence on technology is unquantifiable, therefore making technology an integral aspect of human life today. However, the extent to which human life, interactions and association in the social setting depend on technology should be controlled. The over-reliance on technology may result in the loss of cultural and social norms that define human nature.
The OTA’s essential function was to implement the technological developments that were critical in aiding civilization and economic development. The government’s role as a sovereign in influencing the uses of technology is critical to the oversight and control functions, like the OTA’s. Though technology is deemed as crucial in modernization, some of its aspects negate the progression of civilization and economic development. In the absence of the OTA, technology is left to flourish without an oversight body that determines the negative effects of given technological advances.
Technology can be used to create and destroy. The assignment of individuals and social groups into classes and categories is an aspect of modernization, civilization, and religion as a result of technology is clear in the modern world. The extent of this disintegration of human society can be detrimental to human relationships and cultural social dispensation of individuals.
The world economies are constantly evolving along with evolutionary developments in technology. Technology plays a critical role in determining the trading mechanisms, hence the dependence on technology in the world’s free market is absolute. The traditional and conventional trading methods have been replaced by technological applications like the internet, wireless communications systems, and virtual market places. A significant role of the OTA was to establish whether technology could be used to trade in illegal, harmful, and destruction proucts. The OTA’s role in analyzing the extent of technological abuse while assessing the control and preventive measures before implementation was critical. These factors dictate the need for establishing a function like the OTA.

In the modern era, conflict and controversy have dominated many forums on human existence, origins, and religious correctness. The subscription to a given religion or spiritual and philosophical alienation describes individual perspectives and beliefs. The nature of belief subscribed to by a group of people illustrates the intimate nature in which the need for divine sovereignty is rooted. However, fundamentalists and liberals believe that their subscribed doctrines are absolute in superiority.
The tolerance for other schools of thought, doctrines, and spiritual beliefs characterizes a significant part of the liberal perspective. Hence, the counterpart doctrines are subject to tailored interpretations to suit their perspectives. However, fundamentalists fail to conform to any doctrine or scripture other than their own. This is critically evident to the Christian fundamentalists. Their belief in the Bible as absolute and non-errant dictates non-conformity with any other doctrine except as stipulated by their fundamental beliefs and principles.
The sovereignty of God, as dictated by the fundamental Islam, negates any prioritization of one’s self, social, or political affiliation. The belief that Islam seeks to revolutionize human nature to do as God’s will dictate. However, the social intricacies attributable to modern theories, principles and philosophies are inconsequential and describe these as contravening the purpose of Islam. Hence, proponents of change to the divine doctrine, while seeking to influence deviation from the fundamentalist’s belief, are fought in the name of holy war, jihad.
Despite the disparity in scripture and doctrine, the two religions are similar in the belief of God’s sovereignty and divinity. They agree that God is the origin of all life and everything in existence. The idea of creation, as disputed by subscribers to evolution and Darwinism, attributes existence to God; therefore, fundamental beliefs are aimed at subjecting believers to God's will and purpose. Though both Islam and Christianity have origins in the Middle East, each has influenced the world in its own way. Fundamental Islam has been characterized by terrorist factions acting on the Jihad platform. Fundamentalism iin religion has influenced the modern world’s events while each aspiring to emerge as the sole correct religion.

The world today is progressively evolving in political, economic, and social aspects.

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The politics of the world as described by history illustrate the significant differences in leadership, political and trade relationships. However, these differences have evolved to demonstrate the unity of purpose in modernization, hence globalization. The world is significantly illustrating characteristics attributable to a unified village.

Though conflicts have characterized global aspects of economic and political alienations, the benefits attributed to these relationships have illustrated numerous advantages. Despite the idea of globalization being viewed with suspicion of economic invasion and political dictatorship by some, its significance has proven critical to modern technological and social developments. The creation of free trade markets and economic coalitions between different countries has significantly improved the participant’s economic development.
Political affiliations and grouping across continents have enabled countries to protect their resources and bargain collectively for their countries political development. However, the idea of globalization is opposed by those who view globalization as an attempt to control affiliate members of global units, coalitions, and associations. The advances made in technology have made globalization an actual aspect of life. The interactive communication and information systems have made it possible to conduct business at reduced costs and instantly at high speeds. The world’s economies and political systems rely on technology in a daily business. Therefore, globalization has made it possible to realize goals and objectives which ordinarily would have taken significant resources and time.
The possibility of accessing any information at any time anywhere in the world creates a possibility for convenient, efficient, and effective operation of global systems. Technology is constantly evolving, therefore influencing daily human operations and interactions. For instance, the development of social sites, virtual markets and research databases revolutionize the traditional setting for human activity and development. Globalization should not be viewed with suspicion and fear, but should be welcome as a significant factor in human evolution, political, economic, and social development in modern civilization.

Humanities. Custom Humanities Essay Writing Service || Humanities Essay samples, help

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