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The term spirituality comes from the word, ‘spirit’, and a suffix ‘-uality’. Spirit has a general meaning of entity or life force, which is not physical. Spirituality thus means anything that has a relationship with spirit and its features or qualities. However, spirituality in human beings has two main components; a primary component, spirit and human entities, that is, will and conscience. Spirituality in human beings is what leads to other desirable and undesirable qualities such as integrity and selfishness respectively. It is the only way in which human beings gain hope, comfort, inner peace, and meaning in their lives. Spirituality has been wrongly associated with religion since time immemorial.  To me, spirituality is more than what we can simply call religion or faith. Religious beliefs are made of individual spirituality, which are mostly universal. Spirituality is developed outside religion itself. It is something, which is natural or inborn. It is what makes a person who he or she is in terms of characters or behaviors. It is a factor within a person that makes him or her illustrate certain attribute in life.

A person can develop and incorporate his or her spirituality in various ways. First, conscience is one of the greatest and most important guides in my life. It tells me what is wrong and that which is right. Conscience, as known, is faculty, judgment, or intuition of an intellect. It has the ability to distinguish the right from the wrong. It is what guides most of moral judgments in my life.

According to most psychologists, spirituality is inborn. Considering this argument, we have a responsibility to ensure that the spirituality within us is a right one (Geraldine, 2003). Moreover, we have to ensure that it develops to the best level for our goodness. Developing spirituality mainly depends on the type of people we interact with and the immediate environment. I depend on religious leaders and counselors for this. Counseling normally involves a talk on how to acquire good virtues in life. Sometimes, they use symbols and narratives that improve my thinking and reasoning abilities.through this, I learn and incorporate the good lessons and reject the bad ones. This is in accordance to a study carried out by psychological experts from Stanford University in 1997. It showed that college students who were trained to forgive their offenders felt more relieved than before. Feeling of relief is enough evidence to conclude that the students mastered the teachings and incorporated them in their lives.

            Life experience is another way through which I do learn and incorporate spirituality in my life. I learn from what I have encountered in my life. I rely on the outcomes of my actions. Any negative impact or outcome of my deed definitely makes me ignore and never participate in the same deed or action again (Geraldine, 2003). A good result, on the other hand, encourages me to continue with more efforts in my actions. However, this method involves some compulsory steps, some of which are hard to undergo. First, it requires a strong sense of a reality or fact of what is experienced.Secondly, it requires one to endure the reality for a given time whatever the inner impact. Finally, it requires one to apply the learnt lesson appropriately in his or her life.


            To summarize, spirituality is an important component of human life and each individual has his or her own ways of developing or incorporating it into his or her life.

Alejandro De La Garza. Custom Alejandro De La Garza Essay Writing Service || Alejandro De La Garza Essay samples, help

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