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Humanity is at a point of crossroads where it must awaken or become extinct as we have been living, and operating collective egos that have literary destroyed humanity. We need to awaken and become who we are supposed to be. Ego is an illusion of self that manifests in the voices we hear in our heads. The voice in our head is not who we are, just a thought process. The voice is the human Ego that is based on memories, and future worries. It stops us from being able to enjoy life right now as one’s perception of life is based on one’s past mistakes, memories, hurt and endless worries about tomorrow. The Ego is more concerned with having and we will work so hard and accumulate power to strengthen the ego. Most of the time we go through life blaming other people and circumstances for our lack of happiness, instead of realizing that the ego is an obstacle to our happiness. Once we realize this, we are able to rise above the need to listen to our voices in the head and become who we are supposed to be, enjoying life now.

The Ego thrives on anger, resentment towards people or situations that are deemed as obstacles to happiness. It is strengthened by complaining and holding grudges. Complaining does not bring about solutions, its purpose is to show who is right or superior. To lean how to deal with this issue of complaining, monitor your complaint and classify them. Classifying according to their relevance, the consciousness of this will make it easier to stop the complaining thought process once it stars in the head. What a deliverance to comprehend that the "voice in my head" is not who I am. Who am I then? The consciousness that is precedes this thought, the liberty in which the emotion or sense acuity happens.

 Whatever you fight, you strengthen and whatever you resist, persists (Tolle 74) is a quote by Tolle. He says that most of the things we dislike in people are the things we end up doing. That is why it is important to sit and evaluate what you dislike about your enemies, and know that there are chances of you doing those things and avoid them. As human beings there is always a conflict in us, do we want peace or to be right in an argument? Sometimes when the ego is in control we want to be right more than resolving the situation.

The ego has the need to feel superior and this is manifested in situations of gossip. The person gossiping feels superior as it tips the balance momentarily in their balance. The superior feeling affects our judgment towards other people. It gives us roles to play and these affects our happiness. It is important to let go of our roles when dealing with people and just be present. These roles feed the ego, which thrives on suffering and misery. One can be truly happy by not taking this roles and choosing to be responsible for their own thoughts and emotions.

Negative thoughts result in negative emotions which are a source of suffering. One should realize negativity is not intelligent as Tolle says. The only way to get rid of negativity is find peace, peace and ego can not coexist. Once it is indentified what is causing the pain body, it is now easier to break its control over an individual and he/she can now live in the present. In most cases, if a certain situation happened in the past, every time you experience something similar so me reaction is triggered in you.

The intensity of the pain body can serve the purpose of awakening. When one has gone through so much and decide that they have had enough, they decide not to let it control them anymore. With this step, we move towards finding out who we truly are, when we stop focusing on the past or the future and embrace the present. Instead of focusing on the people or situation, focus on the reaction and analyze that. Learning how to separate one self from a situation is good because one is able to think clearly and feel all the senses.

Discovering your inner purpose is the key to awakening. Our main purpose is to awaken; it’s the purpose of humanity. In the awakening doing becomes infused in being bringing success. To be able to do this, change how you do things and process of things not just the end result. The inner purpose energizes the outer purpose. Enjoy the process of getting something done, not just how it will feel when complete.  For a person to experience awakening there should be acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm.  In every task, one should be vigilant to make sure he/she has acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm. Once you accept who you are and the situation around you are able to focus positively on how to improve what we have. This is the end of negative thoughts and emotions and we can truly be happy. Ensure that you enjoy every minute of your life, by finding pleasure inn all that you do. Enthusiasm means deep enjoyment of doing some thing with urgency but without stress. Awakening is fully present when we align the inner and outer purposes.

Who You Are and Who You Ought To Be. Custom Who You Are and Who You Ought To Be Essay Writing Service || Who You Are and Who You Ought To Be Essay samples, help

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