Role of Revolution in Music Performance

This essay brings out the role of revolution in music performance as someone once   said 'no Republic without national festivals: no festivals without music".The national institute of music was the greatest institution to come out of the revolutionary and was basically intended to provide music and musicians for the band, festivals and the army .The dominance of music by church, monarchy was replaced for short period arena and revolutional and counterrevolutionary songs emerged giving the emergence the existing tunes from recent operas or dances.  There were also new operas and diverse instrumentals concert in the theaters.As revolution took a dynamic turn, there emerged some conflict during experience on theatre performances .There was a case were after an opera presentation a musician Marie Antoinettes was made to sing a song but revolutionaries leaped on stage to throttle the singer but fellow actors came to her defense. This was so due to the regulations associated with operas where it had been considered to have some patriotic credentials .To solve performance during show staging, it was introduced a brief   tableau which could be presented at the end of most operas .The session was a little piece were the soloist announced to the audience that an enemy was calling and so they had to pay homage liberty by raising up to sing with various accompaniment.

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By 1973 when revolutionary instituted censorship and terror were many operas which  appeared were  based on contemporary patriotic themes .The most violent and eventful years  of revolution threw into relief  a set of intersecting issues  on the role  of music and the festivals. The problem of pleasure versus utility in the  arts ,the place of emotion in music and the festivals and the value of purely instrumental music .There  was a trial by the revolutionaries to resist the drift toward a subjective aesthetic experience by  emphasize the moral utility of music .By 1801 the national conservatory's students and professors were dedicated to providing revolutionary music for the people and  had also established instrumental concert series. From then henceforth music performances have continued to take new dimensions and kinds.

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