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To Accept or Reject a Client

This essay investigates the literature that is available on ethics and the practice of medicine. It establishes the moral cause that one would follow when approached by a social misfit. According to the essay, a well-known professional baseball player is suspected of having used steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. However, he has not been charged of the offense. In this regard, he solicits moral advice and the best way to handle the negative media coverage that could completely ruin his sports career. This essay establishes the best moral advice that would be given in such a situation.

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Negative media publicity certainly kills careers, especially for popular figures in sports and politics. However, the moral damage can always be repaired if before matters get to the courts of law. For instance, a baseball player accused of using steroids would have to tread very carefully so as to avoid complete career damage. Thus, the focus of a media advisor would be on how to exonerate the accused in the court of public opinion. Although this is not an easy thing to do, an insightful moral advice can certainly turn the fortunes for the accused.

Certainly, the starting point would be to go public and accept the use of illegal drugs. This would be wiser than trying to deny when there is sufficient evidence to link you with drug use. According to the principles of public relations, one would gain more social acceptance by trying to look natural and perfectly human. This is what accepting a mistake would portend of the accused person. First, it will create an image of humility which certainly resonates well with the general public. Ideally, every single individual is struggling with some aspects of life that they don’t like. Thus, by accepting social vulnerability or appearing as having been unduly influenced would put one in the right social context to which everyone belongs (O'Leary 2011).

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Having conceded to the use of steroids, the baseball player would also need to go public and honestly apologize to his fanatics and the public at large. In fact, this would serve to prevent any individual or the concerned institutions from instituting a legal case against him in the court of law. However, he should appear to have been unduly influenced and that he did not have the power to resist the influence. Ideally, this apology should appear in all the popular media and should target the social constituency where the sportsman is most popular. Indeed, one may opt to write to the state prosecutor asking for amnesty if it was the first case of drug abuse. Although this may not necessarily mean they would not be prosecuted, it would win him some public sympathy. Realistically, it is unwise to wish away the fact that an illegality was committed. However, focus on exonerating oneself in the court of public opinion is always a better option, where one cannot exonerate himself in the courts of law due to the substantial evidence (Waddington and Smith 2008).

Nonetheless, the baseball player would still need to take further action of staying out of active sports till matters cool. This has always worked out because somehow the public forget so fast when one disappears from their views. This is what Tiger Woods, the popular golf player, did when he had family problems that spilled over to the public arena (Maske and Shapiro 2005).

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In conclusion, one can socially redeem themselves without using dubious means. For instance, trying to bribe the athletics authorities not to sue him in court would be a good option. However, it could be the next killer of his career if it spills into the public limelight. Thus, the best advice would be to do everything above board in a way that retains the respect that one had in the past. 

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