The Sport Injuries

There are different forms of injuries seen in the fields and causes vary depending on the activity done by a person. The foot and ankle injuries are the most common type of injuries among sportsmen’s. The causes of the injuries vary with the sport and it is important to handle the cases as per the sport in order to help minimize the occurrence of injuries in the field. The most common injuries involve the ligaments and capsules where the ligaments rapture. The injuries in the ankles occur due to the strain felt by the joints and the tissues surrounding the point. This always occurs differently according to the sport and the amount of strain put on the ankles.

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The track and field events record a minimum level of ankle strains; however, the strains can occur many times if it does happen once. The athletes are able to continue running even after having a minor strain in the ankles and this is why they end up having problems later on because they put a lot of strain on the point that is already weak. The problems occur when the athlete does not give the ankle and the foot time to recover completely. The ankle is stressed and this can be controlled if the athlete uses the psychological factors that link the intensity of the injury with the strength of movement. The calf girth is one of the psychological ways to predict an injury and be able to reduce the impact on the feet or the ankle. An athlete can reduce the injuries by maintaining a low fat diet and low bone intensity around the feet.

Basketball is another sport that has records a high number of ankle injuries. The causes are mostly offensive tactics by the players that result in minor or serious sprains in the ankles.  Players land on their feet with a lot of pressure and if they step on the foot of a fellow player, then they can cause serious injuries to their ankles and foot. The players can minimize the injuries by learning to balance their bodies and regulate any impact they have on their feet when landing. Cricket is a game where ankle injuries are very common and re-injuries are rising at an alarming rate. The age of the players, matter a lot when it comes to dealing with the injuries. The impingement of the ankle is the pain one feels as the tibia articles and the calcareous structures get caught between each other. The players need to focus on controlling the motion of the ankle joint if they are to experience minimal ankle sprains.  Soccer is a sport where lateral ligament injuries are very common. They occur if two players come into contact on the joints of the ankle or when a player makes a long pass with a ball moving with high velocity. Netball is all about acceleration and deceleration as the players go after the ball. The landing and positioning of the feet increase the chances of getting sprains. Rugby is a sport where contact is very high and in the process, many players sustain ligament tearing and sprain injuries.

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The risk factors for the sportsmen include their ages, the kind of game they play and the level of training it takes to perfect ones skills. The level of play needed during the recreational or competitive activities also determine how the sportsperson handle injuries. The position of the player in the field also determines the level of exposure and contact with other players. Some players in certain positions are at a higher risk than others are. The level of fitness, mental capacities and other injuries encountered in the past also determine how a player avoids getting more injuries or new ones. The kind of footwear for each game increases or decreases the risk of getting and injury because some are protective while some are not.

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There are different ways to prevent foot injuries and it is important that a player understands the risk factors associated with the sport. The risk factors may differ from one player to the other, but it is clear that there are some measures like mastering the force or the speed of landing in football and basketball. The players need to take more time to assess the risks they can encounter in the field. This way they can look for ways to avoid he injuries. This may include mastering the impact when one lands or minimizing the level of injury on the foot when it twists.

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The athletes are always at a high risk of developing injuries on already sprained ligaments and ankles. Although athletics records a few number of original injuries on the feet and the ankles, it records high numbers of athletes who suffer from a re-injury on the first sprain. The first injuries are always minor and they assume that they will be oaky. They go back to compete and they increase the risk of developing other injuries on the already injured ligaments or joints. The athletes, therefore, need to rest and make sure the sprained ankles are completely healed before they can go back to the track. The injuries may be inevitable, but is important to keep in mind that there are some measures that can help minimize the occurrence of an injury.

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