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The Electronic Health System

The Electronic Health System

People should not entrust Google with their electronic medical records. This is because by creating an electronic health system without proper security controls which could not only be a rejected privacy risk, but could also be doomed to achievement because capable users could be interested in cooperating with the data requirements of the system. With their electronic medical records, Google Health system illustrates the conflict between its self-avowed aim and the individual’s right to privacy. No one would feel comfortable well knowing that potential or current employer might be in contact with their medical records.  Barton a lawmaker, feels that the benefit of system like Google Health is more valuable than privacy risk and that further legislation to impose privacy control can be added after the fact. Some experts disagree with that stance saying that even if the system’s security control s are sufficient, there is a need that consumers have the knowledge that they have   control and faith that they can use the application without worries of their records to be accessed.

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Design electronic media record keeping system

If I were to design an electronic record keeping system, I would alleviate the inefficiency of the current medical record storage system. My application would allow clients to fill in their basic medical information into an online repository, doctors to give relevant information and keep records electronically. It would allow medical information from at-home devices such as a glucose meters, reminder messages for prescriptions refills or doctors visits; directories for nearby doctors and individualized health advice to enter information. The system would accept data from many different record keeping system technologies which is currently in use by hospitals and other institutions.

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I would not create an electronic health system without the proper security controls, which would be an acceptable risk and be doom to achievement because users would want to cooperate with information requirements of the system. It will also help to avoid the fear to the user that their records could be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Data concerning internet client can be gathered both directly and indirectly out of their online activities. Direct process of data assembling involves making use of Web Forms, a data assembling instrument into which Web client enters data online. Forms knowledge used to gather information concerning Web guests (information such as user’s name or address) can be used to locate the sequence of sites one visits. In most cases, web forms require one to fill in the needed information voluntarily. Indirect process of data assembling individual’s information entails the use of internet server log files. It uses Web browser broadcast data to post information to internet such as internet sever log, web browser and operating system software.


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His method of sharing private information on line is often new on the internet. Data sharing has been made easy by the internet where private information is possible. In reaction to earlier data sharing activities involving computer networks, some laws  made on privacy and data protection guideline shave been implemented. These rules address the sharing of private information linking databases in computer networks.

Dark internet refers to any bit of an internet that cannot be accessed through convectional way. It leaves many internet web hosts to be entirely inaccessible from part of the internet.

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