Impact of Healthcare by Technology

Technology has improved and completely transformed the medical office in the public health sectors across the world. Health care practiced today cannot be virtually recognized from the one practiced in the past centuries. Technology has improved healthcare delivery system, with the introduction of EMRs, paper based medical records, which were mostly incomplete and fragmented, hard to read and hard to find, were replaced by single, up to date, rapidly retrievable source of information, potentially anywhere at any time, sharable, accurate system which require less space and administrative resources.

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Technology had also introduced automation, structuring and streaming of clinical workflow in the healthcare system. Technology has also provided an integrated support for a wide range of discrete healthcare activities which include monitoring, decision support, electronic prescribing, laboratory ordering and results display, and electronic referrals radiology. With the introduction of the new technology, healthcare practitioners can now maintain a data and information trail that is readily analyzable for medical audits, quality assurance and research, disease surveillance, and epidemiological monitoring. Technology has also facilitated and supported research and education in medical field.

The processes are efficient and effective because they readable, easily found unlike the paper charts that often get misfiled, and they are easily transferred to other doctors when a patient transfers care or has a visit anywhere outside their normal medical office. Access to care is not affected because these systems are used within the medical office and between the medical staff. Accuracy of service can be assured because the patient’s information is easily found and all of their previous visits are within the system giving the physician a medical history of the patient at the click of a button rather than skimming through a chart.

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Introduction of new technological devices have enabled immediate access to key information regarding patients’ diagnoses, lab test results, allergies, and medication. This has improved the healthcare practitioners’ ability to make useful sound medical decisions in a timely manner.      

The improved ability for all healthcare providers and practitioners in multiple settings to access new and past results quickly, increasing the patient’s safety and the effectiveness of health care.  

Introduction of technology into the healthcare system has also improved the ability to enter and store prescribed orders tests and other services in a computer system, thereby enhancing legibility, reduced redundancies and duplications, and improved speed in executing orders.

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Introduction of new technology into the healthcare system has solved a bunch of many problems that have prevailed in the clinical field. However, this has expensed the sector quite a lot in the implementation process, repair and maintenance of the advanced devices, and also in mentorship and staff training. On the other hand, the introduction of new technology has replaced human labor in many repetitive operations. This has saved the sector a lot of money in employing man power which proves costly in a long run, the initial stage of new technological equipment and devices may cost a fortune during the implementation process but in the long run, it may save a lot in the cost of labor, and also deliver high quality services. 

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