The Drug Abuse

Substance abuse or drug abuse is an adaptive pattern use of substances the use of the substances is not dependent. In drug abuse the drugs are not consumed for medical purposes. Drugs associated with abuse include Alcohol, cocaine, opoids, Methaqualone and many other drugs (Sloboda, 230). Consumption of most drugs is a criminal activity in most countries in the world. Some of the legal substances that people are not restricted however much they consume include alcohol, nicotine found in products like tobacco are legal though they are known to have adverse effects on human bodies. As per the UN estimates there are more than 50 million users of heroin and cocaine and other synthetic daily users worldwide (Gerstein and Green, 12).

Drug abuse is a vice that may lead to heath problems, injuries, violence, deaths, it also leads increase in road accidents, social problems and can also lead to unprotected sex among other problems in the society. Drug abuse causes high suicide levels among its users (Karch et al, 25). This can be so because most drugs cause psychological distortions as well as social isolation as it is very difficult for abusers of drugs to fit well with the other members of the society. Drugs abuse has been known to cause mental illness (Schecter, 89). Drugs have also been associated with crime; in America there is a high tendency from drug abusers to engage themselves in crime activities such as child abuse, rapes, assault, rapes among other crime (Abadinsky, 275).  There are those who argue that drugs should be legalized in America and they base their argument on the following; they claim that legalization of drugs will result in reduction in crime rates, reduce the spread of diseases especially diseases that are caused by injections of drugs. Legalization of drugs is argued it will save the tax payers the cost of money that is used in fighting drugs today. Also the government will get a lot of revenue from the taxes that will be levied on drugs thus drug users will play their part in national building. Drug abuse crusaders argue that it is unfair for obesity which is a major problem in America to be tolerated; obesity causes death and is dangerous, so drug users claim that as part of personal liberties they should be allowed to consume drugs as it affects them.

We cannot afford to legalize drugs in our American society as they gain brought about by the legalization as agued by pro legalization, to a large extent cannot be compared to the lives of the drug users lives being wrecked and affecting those around them. Drugs ruin the fabric of our society and affects social norms. On most occasions’ drug users cannot be adequately productive. Drug abuse is a serious problem worldwide, it leads to social disruptions, and loss of economically able citizens as they cannot be able to work due to the drugs, a lot of money is used in rehabilitation and such illnesses such as cancers. Everyone has to put effort to fight the drug menace.

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