How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua

 Gloria Anzaldua’s ‘how to tame a wild tongue’ is an expression and illustration of someone who refuses to let go of her heritage with a view to belonging to a given setup. It looks at her traumatizing experience in a dentist’s clinic and explains how it brings out the social injustices meted on her and her fellow Hispanics. It further shows what they have to bear with in the intolerant society that they belong to. Through ‘how to tame your tongue’ Anzaldua presents, in a language laced with great confrontation, a fight against her peoples’ feelings towards the American culture.

Her choice of setting in a dentist’s clinic clearly brings out and accentuates the manner in which she wants to convince us. She effectively chooses a visit to a dentist as it is not an experience that one cherishes because of the discomforts and pain that people have to undergo when they are there. Similarly for her, she feels so uncomfortable and filled with uneasiness at the cultural rejection that she has had to live with in America. She therefore begins her essay with a strong retort that the tongue will have to be controlled. The pace of the text is further made tense by the fact that the dentist never minds to greet her.

‘How to tame your tongue’ brings out the fact that it is important for us to control the way we talk since it has a great impact on our relationship with the people around us and can either bring about an agreement or breed much pain and indifference to each other which is not good.

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