Institutional Negligence

Nursing is a field that requires not only service but also keenness. This is one thing that a hospital should always be prepared to face. Therefore, in this situation, it is evident that the patient did not fail on his side but the hospital at large did. One thing that the nurses did not take into account is that the disease that the athlete was suffering from was concentrated and it needed attention. This, therefore, implies that it was right for the hospital and vis-à-vis the nurses to be held responsible for the negligence. The jury might have debated on the matter with dissimilar view, but one thing that they may have put in mind is that the nurse is always expected to be alert due to the nature of the career that he or she is heading or practicing. Consequently, it was quite right for the Supreme Court to rule the matter in that manner as the nurse were not only negligent but also quite unrealistic (Saver, 1965). The other impracticable manner in which the nurses conducted themselves is to act out of thought instead of profession. This is a matter that would be unacceptable, and it is through this reasoning that the hospital had to pay for the damages which had been caused to the athlete. When an individual seeks medical help, he or she has no idea of what he or she is suffering from, and it is the sole duty of the nurse to detect the severity of the problem.

Whether or not the nurses in a position to challenge the actions of the attending physician

Like any other career, it is highly unlikely that a person can challenge his or her senior and not jeopardize his or her career. However, in the nursing filed or the medical field at large, it is very much accepted that a junior can challenge his senior when he or she feels as if the matter that is being discussed in hand would affect the lives of the patient. In this case, the patient is Darling (Saver, 1965). However, this case is always well said than done. What this means is that the nurses would have clearly endangered since form the look of things, Dr. Alexander may have been authoritative in one way or the other. Therefore, the stand that the nurses took was maybe instigated by fear. There is no way that they would have challenged the doctor, and expect that they would not be endearing their job even if it was true that they were protected. They would have been fired because of one reason or the other and, therefore, in the real sense, they made the decision that they did out of this knowledge. This case is quite complex, and the negligence of the nurses cannot be fully defended by this fact. However, one thing that is evident is that the career of medicine is not different from other careers in reality as there is always the boss and the employee.

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