Influences on Perception

Human perception is fundamentally affected by a multitude of factors some may arise inherently. The Gestalt theory in perception introduces a fundamental element regarding human perception based on the concept of atomism, which eliminates the essence of context and its influence on nature. The primary factors affecting our perception of the world surrounding us include mode of upbringing, emotions, and individual tendencies, behaviors or choices.

First, as a result of individual tendencies on account of behaviors and choices, one is in a position to modify their fundamental need for perception. For instance, consider an individual having drug taking tendencies. He or she will exhibit distinct behavioral traits such as resistance to pain or discriminate the identification of audio-visual components of our surrounding. In this example, the change is perception may end when the individual quits his behavioral tendency with regard to drug abuse.

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Secondly, the mode of upbringing may ‘kill’ certain forms of individual perception. For example, certain forms of religious or cultural upbringing like the practice of Buddhism in which people are able to manipulate their perceptions have a great impact. In this example, the individual is able to induce control over his sensations or feeling, which has a significant impact upon his or her perception.

Lastly, individual emotions can have a great impact on the experience of sensation and perception. This is fundamentally because emotions potentially interfere with the judgment of the present experiences. This may be a feeling that was initially experienced at an earlier time, which consequently triggers the production of a particular form of response. In this manner, the individual could either display increased or decreased tendencies towards a previous that affects the present time perception.

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