Supervising the Police Personnel

Supervising is described as regulating and monitoring of delegated responsibilities, activities, or tasks and processes. On the other hand the police personnel are defined as the agencies or agents, mostly of executive that are empowered in enforcing law to social order and effect public through legitimatized usage of force.

What are the reasons we communicate for besides those cited at the beginning of the chapter

The informal channel approach doesn't in any way confine the organizationally easeful communication to formal channels purely. Communication is a key to better understanding. For a police supervisor communication with his juniors enables him or her to understand each other. When there is understanding amongst them, they efficiently attend to their duties as required without contradictions. Also through communication there is passage of information in that the junior officers get clear instructions from the supervisors while attending to there duties.

The information that is found moving in formal channel compared with the one in informal channel.

Formal channel is a type of channel that is primarily configured for upward and downward movement of the information while the informal channel combines both directions, downward, upward and across/diagonally equally. The information found in formal channel is response to the large capacity and limited capability of information handling from each individual while the informal adhere to small capacity and ability in handling information by individuals.  

The best among the four methods of communication is

Across and diagonal communications is the best method in that the message given specifically aims in ensuring that there is team work. In addition to that the gathered information for defining and identifying common problems that is to be solved through group work cooperation. There is feedback from the teammates which fulfills individual needs. Lastly information required in providing professionals guidance for the team on ground to maintain member compliance with its standards and values.

The direction that is the most difficult for communication by a police supervisor is up or down, diagonally or across?

The most difficult method of communication is upward communication. In this type of communication there are enormous constraints on the free and upward communication for variety of reasons. The structure itself is the most prominent whereby it is simply stated, highly formalized organizations of police and bureaucracies tending to inhibit the informal upward communication. By doing so the information which was important has never reached an upper level decision centers. Also the supervisors are not enough in the listening habit to the staff than talking to them. Moreover, the information that is given fed up the line and is used for control purposes. Hence on the other part the supervisor will not be given required information by the staff or team members which will lead to decisions that goes ahead to affect the staff.

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Of the five communication networks the best one is

The best network is email and internet whereby it is fast in sending mail and accuracy is guaranteed. To ensure that information reaches the people in required time span scheduled for it to get to intended person. It is easy to send for it does not entail transportation, also easier in that it is transferred through wire meaning that it has no weight thus reducing the charges and saves time.

What are you and your organization doing recently to in improving the communication process?

My organization is ensuring better ways of communication are employed in each institution through giving support to the organizations and expanding the means of communication for coverage within the country. Also it helps by educating the people on advantages and disadvantages of communication, basic or essential factors for having better communication skills among organizations and all institutions all over the world.

When have you either performed or observed empathic listening and what did the listener actually do?

Empathic listening is the ability of a person or supervisor to gain the listeners understanding. To be a good supervisor there is need to know and understand your staff or members for better influence. The empathetic listening requires the opening of our minds to the members for you as a supervisor to understand them fully. I performed an empathic listening when I was the chairman in our green revolution for better life group. The members had different views on the formation of group management panel and shuffling of panel then electing new panel members. My listening was empathetic in that each member raised concerns basing on the groups development and that made me listen to critical points for change by the members.

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How has the communication technology helped you in your job and what are the problems caused by it?

In my job, communication has really been a boost whereby it plays a big role as a centre stage for my business. The good communication skills have been of paramount advantage to my business. Starting with the advertisement it helped me find market in different countries for my properties. It also lifted my efficiency in the management of the company whereby there was good communication between the customers, staff and the managerial committee. The information was passed through channels by good communication system in my business company.

The communication went further in ensuring that the tasks in the company were arranged well and organized in a way that both income and outcome are based on the companies' communication between the workers hereby enabling better flow of activities. In addition to that the rapport of clients and customers was build through the communication patterns of the company. Moreover the relationship between my company management team and employees was health for they interacted well by communicating and solving problems amicable. Empathetic listening was a base of good relationship because by it each and every workers voice was had for there was good communication.

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What we have learnt about our ability to talk to people

The ability to talk to people depends with the way you approach them and how you pass your information. There are means that used when communicating with people that are helpful to the whole world.


To conclude, the best ways to ensure that there is smooth running of any organization, institution or even manage a business or any group or society matters.    

The difference between individual leadership and team leadership

A team leader is a highly adaptive person who is open to change and free from the conditioned responses. The difference between individual leadership and team leadership is that in individual leadership there is one leader while team leadership there is several leaders.

The authority and power of the leaderships and the one I will choose is

The authority and power of individual leadership is stronger because they both come under one person controlling an entire group while the team leadership combines ideas from various leaders and by doing this it facilitates proper management and thus good leadership besides the power sharing ordeal. The best leadership style I will go for is team leadership because, most of the ideas given and will be ready to change thus ready to change thus picking ideas from both members of the group making the team to win and remain solid as one.

What does managing your boss mean? And have you tried, what happened?

Managing your boss means working consciously with working with superiors with the aim of obtaining personal best results and your boss too. The police department will benefit much on the results. I tried it when worked with an auditing firm and it worked positively. When my boss was the one in charge of any project assigned to us I used to approach him and by that we became friendly and by that we were able to communicate freely and engage ourselves mostly in achieving our goals through hand to hand or I managed my boss. As a result, there was achievement of companies' goal and individual goals.       

What is positive self-regard and how does one acquire it? Who has these characteristics?

The positive self regards is the triangle consisting of competence, positive regards for the others and the Wallenda factor. To acquire it one must always avoid failure as stated in wallenda factor and self or individual critics which may lead to demoralization and self-disregard. In addition to that, regard for others and also for themselves. Competence is a positive self regard in that is not self aggrandizement, egomania or conceit. Mostly it is about confidence of which you are and what you are capable of doing. It is a prudent self respect and self aware. A good and potential leader has the characteristics which he or she uses to propel the organization to prosperity.

Discuss the leaders who acquire accountability and frequently take credit and the result there after

Trust encompasses accountability, reliability, predictability and integrity. For the leaders to achieve it there should be mental and physical act. Leaders that are trusted are the key to good relationships. In organizations trust is the key that cements all relationships and these holds the staff together. For police organizations to foster trust it first presents vision of what it is and what it should do. The results are seen in the prosperity of organizations which achieve their goals because of good leadership from the leaders. The understanding between the people of the group and reliability on each other also comes up thus unity prevails between members.

What is group thinking and have you experienced it? What happened then and how did you avoid it?

Group thinking is mode of thinking whereby people engage in when deeply involved with a cohesive team, when members are striving for unanimity that overrides their motivation leading to realistic appraise of alternative courses of action. I experienced it when in university whereby students decided to go against the university rules due to misunderstandings caused by the university management board. The student went on rampage destroying the university property and the police were called to assist in ensuring that there is no further spoiling or destroying of property. The aftermath was so heavy to bear in that other students where summoned and expelled from the university by management while the remaining ones where suspended. I was lucky not to be spotted or mentioned by the university senate and through this I avoided the results of group thinking.


In conclusion on these the leadership skills are natural and others are acquired through learning from others. The leadership methods differ and matter in possession of healthy relationships and it is advised for better living standards.



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