Management Plan

According to Cleland & R., (2006) management can be defined as organization and co-ordination of an enterprise's activities according to certain policies with an aim of achieving clearly defined objectives. Along with materials, money, and machines, management is often considered as a factor of production. The primary task of management is seen as marketing and innovation. Modern management has been seen to have derived its origin from the 16th century inquiry into low-efficiency and collapsing of the already set-up enterprises. In management, the most interesting activity is to turn a failing organization around. For a failing division within a company or any given organization, the three main problems to be addressed are adversarial communication, competition for internal resources, and outdated product lines. An organization's external environment should be assessed and integrated into the turn-around plan.

So that to address the issue of adversarial communication a strategic communications action plan should be written. This qualifies to be one of the most crucial steps in bringing down the threat of labor problems. Even if the importance of open communication sounds easy and simple, few manufacturing companies find it unavoidable to put through a strategic communications action plan that enforces responsibilities. There should be an exit interview within a strategic communications action plan. This enables management to obtain its best opportunities in gaining candid appraisals from leaving employees concerning the company (Jansson, 2008). As an employee departs a company, he or she is supposed to feel free to voice candid opinions, advice, and concerns.

In due course of the interviews the management can learn more concerning the problems that a worker may not have expressed while being employed (Mathis & Jackson, 2008). For better communication there should be a bulletin board. A bulletin board acts as a community newspaper since it ensures that all employees get access to important announcements. The bulletin board should be put in a place where all employees can be able to view it. Communicating concern is very necessary within any given organization since employees need to build trust. This can be achieved by providing financial information regarding retirement investments, and providing stress reduction and fitness classes.

It has been found that profit sharing in large organizations is puzzling since the incentive effects are negligible. This frequently invokes the free-rider problem within teams. Free riding is considered an economic problem when it leads to under-production or non-production of a public commodity, or when it brings about excessive utilization of a common property resource (Tuck, 2008). The problem of free riding can be solved by decomposing a firm into two separate teams having observable outputs, then combining profit sharing with competition for internal resources between the two teams. The primary idea is that the manager of a firm can devise a tournament between its teams and transfer the resources from a team that possesses inferior total performance to the one with superior total performance.

The third task is to turn the product line around and to ensure that employee involvement increases. An outdated product line means that the buyers in the market do not want the products sold by the division. The product may be obsolete, lacking quality, very expensive or directed at the wrong audience. It is therefore very important to study and determine these issues quickly (Jansson, 2008). Sale, marketing, and advertizing managers should be requested to meet their workers to find desirable solutions. The moment they have arrived at their determinations, a meeting is held and findings posted on the intranet website. Employees are allowed to make their comments throughout the week such that the feedback is used to make changes to the outdated product line. Employees should be asked to try the division's new products and give their opinions regarding the products. In this way, employees will help the division to save the cost of test marketing and as well help unite employees and management (Mathis & Jackson, 2008).

The division's structure should not be changed unless indicated by the findings from the first step. Numerous changes in corporate structure usually alienate employees, mostly when the changes are as a result of a new manager. Because of this, even if changes are to be made, the corporate shell should not be changed such that employees are shown how their expanded roles can be accommodated by the old form. Through maintaining the old environment's stability while adding excitement by introducing new tasks and communication tools and functions, the division will experience a good sense of purpose and momentum (Jansson, 2008).

The market is often the ultimate determining factor of success of the plan. However, we cannot do without increasing employee morale and involvement, improving communications, and working to ameliorate those factors not functioning in the division and at the same time maintaining those factors that are working. This way the division of an organization will have improved its probability of success.

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