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Schlage lock is a company that produces computer-based high quality security locks and products that are tailored to meet the ever changing needs of the customer. The company dates back to the year 1909 and has experienced tremendous growth in the market even after the death of its founder in 1946. Some of its products include access control, intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, CCTV, elevator control among others. Dozens of industries use its security products ranging from residential to commercial users like healthcare, education, banking, finance, accounting and even the government. That success of the company is credited to its highly qualified management who ensure that the company is on the lead in the production of high quality security systems that satisfy the end-user (Philips, 1999 pp 397).

The managerial organizational of Schlage Lock consist of highly qualified individuals based on different regions of the world and they include the Michael Lamach   who is the president, chairman and the chief executive officer assisted by Marcia Avedon; senior vice president dealing with human resource and communications. The organization has other senior vice presidents, who are in charge of security technology, Enterprises services, residential solution, finance and audit. The management mentioned above are involved the important decisions of the organization and this is what has made it to rise to become a manufacturer serving global markets with high quality products. With intent to meet the customer needs, the company has 47 plants in the USA, 28 in Europe, 18 in Asia among other centers of the world. In each plant, the management is organized in a manner that planning, organizing, and other management roles are met in time. There exists the post of quality control and assurance which ensures the employees enable the company in the production of perfect goods. This organizational structure has enabled Schlage to win international awards like 2010 America’s Greatest Brands Award, Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering awards among others (Philips, 2009 pp 399).

Technological advances acquired

As it tries to offer the best global security solutions in the world, Schlage Lock Company has acquired various technologies in its products. One of them is the use of software that works hand in hand with the mechanical locks at major airports in the US. The best example is the technologically modified primus key that can be used in different locations within a facility which provides vital security and eliminates any unauthorized key duplication. The use of electronics to access certain areas of a building is the other technology that has been embraced by Schlage. This involves the use of infra red technology and solutions where appropriate persons can be accommodated by key codes and iButtons, magnetic stripe cards among others. In this case, users will be restricted from gaining access through a certain point (Rieple & Haberberg, 2008 pp 39).

Other security advances used by Schlage is the flexible Multi-Technology readers used in the ATM cards. This reader contains multiple technologies in one unit and enables the user to migrate to a smart card technology at their own pace. Such technologies are most secure in the industry and one can avoid the use of open transmission protocols. In this technology, message integrity is enhanced because it is digitally signed using message authentication codes. Further acquisition of technology revolves on the use of Proximity Reader & Credentials which offers an easy and convenient access to a control solution and can easily be integrated into existing proximity systems. On the residential, Schlage technology products include door knockers, designer handle sets and the latest electronic security technology which allows the user to customize the product to suit their needs. These technological acquisitions by the company have seen it produce various products that are needed by customers who are conscious about the security of their properties (Rieple & Haberberg, 2008 pp 47).

Why they used IT to gain advantage/is it viable

Information to an individual or a company can be as important as food or water especially when it comes to matters dealing with security. Lack of accurate and timely information and delayed response can be very costly to an organization and this necessitated Schlage’s use of technology. Security is very important to anyone and this made the company to quickly identify the market niche for its product. By embracing technology, Schlage has been able to register a growing positive customer response for its products and this has enabled it to grow into a multinational corporation with various branches worldwide. Furthermore, it has place the company on the cutting edge by being the most preferred company that remedies security matters (Laudon & Traver, 1996 p77).

Technology has always been very important and the continual discovery of new things is proving to be possible in today society. Technology has facilitated effective security to people working or living in a given area/building because such system enables maximum effectiveness of multiple security application. A society which has embraced technology experiences efficient security management that is flexible, expandable and compatible. With technology for instance, a customer using Schlage products can be able to monitor his/her property anytime. Furthermore, in case of breakage into a premise, there is a high possibility that the person can be tracked. This is a sharp contrast to society a society that hasn’t embraced technology because there are a lot of insecurity loopholes that can jeopardize the normal functioning of an organization. This therefore shows that technology is important and should, as much as possible be exploited to its fullness. However, this is not applicable in all societies especially those that may not use it properly or those that have problems with power (Laudon & Traver, 1996 pp 84).

Schlage Lock. Custom Schlage Lock Essay Writing Service || Schlage Lock Essay samples, help

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