Strategic Management

FedEx has experienced a number of core competences that have contributed to its growth and development from the year 1973 to the year 2000. This is exemplified by good communication system which has enhanced its promptness to the achievement of strategic goals. It has also incorporated team building in its values which bind the personnel together under one scope and objective hence a unifying factor. Motivational tactics like the rewarding of achievement and s abilities have also contributed to its development.

Inducement of self confidence to the employees has enabled the personnel to take initiatives that benefit the company. Moreover, its incorporation of IT in its services has helped it dig its niche in the business world. IT has helped it become more efficient, effective and satisfying to tits customers in terms of its services. In this regard, FedEx has realized an increase in terms of revenue generation.

Another factor that has contributed to its growth is the employment of performance checkers for all its departments. This ensures maximum output from each department hence maximizing output. In addition, its analytical approach coupled by its competent manpower is a significant source of its development. Its employees ranking from the managers to the ones in the grass roots are competent and able to incorporate and implement all levels of creativity.

These are some of the competences that FedEx has managed to realize and that have had significant impact in its establishment.



Good communication

Prompt attendance to responsibility

Team building and Motivation

Unified its staff and Heightened the urge to work

Inducement of self confidence and competent staff

The personnel take initiatives that benefit the company as well guarantee of professionalism

IT and Performance checkers

Made the company versatile and flexible to meet any changes in the business community while maximizing output from each department.

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