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Organisation Restructuring

Organisation restructuring is a business process that is involved in changing the organisation of an enterprise. Moreover, it is concerned with making dramatic changes to a business by merging department that frequently has the impact of relocating staff members. This paper explores the importance of different forms of organisational behaviours. These behaviours create efficient and effective business, because they ease the understanding of the significance of the organisation culture, leadership, creativi8ty, and motivation. Theories that explain fundamental aspects an organisation exist, each prioritizing certain factors. These theories are all aimed at finding the best combination of factors and approaches that produce the best results for everyone involved in the organization. Different management and decision-making techniques exist, and any that is adopted by an organization has its benefits and consequences. The best technique in most cases is determined by the situation faced by the organisation at the time. Employees need to be learning to keep themselves abreast with the changes in the current world. Failure to do this affects their career growth and simultaneously affects their employers, because they end up lagging behind in the industry. The management needs to encourage its employees to learn so that the company and employees can benefit. The world of business is changing at an exceptionally drastic pace, and not unless the organizations keep up with this pace they are bound to fail. Restructuring is becoming part of the organizations life cycle because of these changes. The management needs to have the necessary infrastructure ready to achieve its targets. This paper also explores the effects of organisation culture towards achieving its goal. This paper covers the roles of a human resource manager during the process of merging of the companies. Finally, it covers the importance of organisation structure in improving the effectiveness of the organisation.



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