Management of Information Systems

Net work securityWith the increased use and application of information systems and technologies, there is an equally huge network security challenge. Globally, there is an increasing trend in threats to information security systems. In response, the federal and state laws are revised to maintain security of information and data systems. Of particular significance is the need for the government and professionals to maintain security for clients' personal identification information. For instance accountants have switched from e-mails to client portals to secure online data storage and enhance communication with their clients. Tax software vendors like Gosystem, which produces the Thomson, ATX which produces CCH and Tax Wise also producing CCH are the major producers of client portals used by accountants to share files through encryption technology. According to experts, the new portals provide a secure, convenient, fast and cost effective technology. Evidently, people and organizations are focused on information security and that pushes demand for the technology.Electronic commerce and business to customer electronic commerce

The need to enhance competitive advantage has pushed organizations to leverage on information and communication technology. Major retail companies like Wal-Mart and Disney stores are leading in the adoption of new generation mobile technologies to enhance convenience to their customers. Most retail stores are encouraging customers to use smart phones to connect with their wireless networks. In addition, retailers employ real-time shopping strategies to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction. Clearly, by 2012 most retailers will test and implement appropriate information technologies. New technologies under test include the IBM's Presence real time coupons and the Mobile Concierge system from Cisco Systems that connects the customer to the retailer through wireless technology. Experts agree that the Smart phone will gain more use in the near future particularly for retail shopping. However there is increasing concern about security concerns and consumer frustration due to failure and bad information. In addition, the technology is expensive and most retail chains cannot afford. However, most retail chains admit that the benefits of this technology outweigh the possible risks by far.Benefits and drawbacks of the application software

The wireless backhaul equipment and services has come with many benefits. First, network investment has widened the data highway between cities. This has led to a tremendous growth of the information and communication industry. It is easier for people to talk, take photos, text and email with more convenience. Evidently, the high demand for efficient data management has created the opportunity for companies like Apple and Motorola to expand their business operations. Notably, smart phones and wireless carriers are benefiting immensely from this expansion.However, there are drawbacks in the adoption of this technology. Adopting and updating networks requires a huge investment in technology and infrastructure. To acquiring superior technology that handles greater volume of data, companies incur huge expenditures. Conversely, this huge investment creates a big business opportunity for companies that supply the wireless industry. In addition, software companies are benefiting from the arising opportunities in software design and development. On the other hand, infrastructure players like cell tower owners benefits from the expansion of information technology. The other beneficiaries include telecom equipment manufactures like Erickson and Alcatel-Lucent who help in building better bandwidth technologies. With mobile data traffic expected to increase about 65 times between 2010 and 2014, companies will focus on upgrading of data infrastructure.

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