Corporate Social Responsibility for Apple

The question on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been the order of the day for virtually all organizations in Britain and entirely for all organizations worldwide. All International Companies have taken the issue of CSR in such a serious manner such that any company that does not take the issue with the seriousness it deserves is likely to bare the brunt of bad image from the public. As a matter of fact, a number of deliberations have been put forward in order to ensure that there is a drastic response on the part of organizations in response to the outcry for corporate social responsibility. CSR has been defined to the extent of company's obligations to be socially responsible as well as the boundaries within which to operate. The commonest characteristic of our modern day world is that fact that it is rife with immense mistrusts.The call for CSR has mainly been fuelled by the immense desire on various stakeholders to have companies respond to the impacts of their actions in the quickest and efficient manner. In the modern day set-up, capitalism is recognized as the only surviving and most likely the firm economic system. As such, it has become a matter of importance and immense desire that all companies participate in corporate social responsibility. No only has the call for CSR been demanded by the critics of capitalism but also those who entirely believe that capitalism is the only economic system that can transform the prospects of the modern day world through provision of suitable and realistic solutions. In view of the surmounting pressure of CSR, various technology companies like Apple has responded in diverse ways.Apple's response to Corporate Social Responsibility

The response to Corporate Social Responsibility on the part of Apple Company has mainly been fueled by the increased demand for the recognition of the consequences of the company's actions towards the public (Branson, 2001). In response to the increased outcry from different quarters on the importance of observing rightful practices towards its actions, the Company has endeavored to develop and implement various strategies which are deemed sustainable. The propensity towards corporate social responsibility on the part of Apple originates from its mission statement (Anonymous, 2010). There has been a continuous demand by the stakeholders and other major players in the corporate world for companies to re-think the mission statements that guide them. As a challenge, Apple has opted to reconsider the factors that are the guiding principle of the company. In an effort to rethink its mission statement, Apple Company has endeavored to undertake supplier social responsibility on all the major products that are released to the final consumers. It has actually come as a surprise that all the major products of the company such as the Apple iPad have been manufactured with extreme regard of Corporate Social Responsibility. The presence of diverse information about the products quality and other relevant details concerning the products is one of the ways that clearly indicate that the company has embraced corporate social responsibility. Currently, Apple products are cross-selling in all major markets of the globe; it is a very imperative thing to undertake rightful measures for the successful implementation of Corporate Social responsibility. The response to corporate social responsibility has been regarded as strategic measure for the company in the midst of utmost competition. For instance, Apple has recently been using four sandboxes located in their website in order to inform people about the measures developed to meet corporate social responsibility. Through this information, it is possible for the company to make its steps towards supplier responsibility (Asongu, 2007). In common practice, such information is never located in the section of 'about us'. As a strategic decision, Apple has undertaken to oversee that its forthcoming product launch does not end up into waste.

All companies have a certain factor in the general market that favors them. This fact is true for Apple Company as well (Sullivan, 2010). For instance, the company understands that in times when stock prices are up, the best and perhaps the most profitable and successful measure to undertake is implementing best strategies and practices on Corporate Social Responsibility. According to a report released for year 2010's Supplier Responsibility, Apple discloses various measures aimed at putting the company at the top of the pack in corporate social responsibility. A considerable number of Apple's manufacturing plants are located overseas; just like many other Multinationals. As such, implementation of rightful measures has the impact of turning around the prospects of the company to make profits. Various measures have been undertaken by the company in an effort to improve the conditions of the workers and those of the consumers at large. To start with, the company has seen the importance of undertaking employee as well as consumer education (Trexler, 2010). It is believed that with adequate employee education, consumers can also obtain the same information from them.Similarly, Apple has ensured that proper protection is undertaken for the employees in various manufacturing plants located in various places. From the report, it is evident that the company has undertaken various measures aimed at combating recruitment and training of contracts made with foreign labor. At the same time, Apple has considered seriously the issue of excessive fees levied towards training by various agencies. On its part, the company has recognized the fact that such fees are illegal and thus opted to insure that if levied, they are in accordance to the acceptable standards and measures. Eventually, there has been adequate success in the control of training. Apple has also been highly involved in the maintenance of morally upright generation and control of evils and vices in the society. The measure to restrict on production of iPhone is mainly meant to prevent download of sexual contents by kids. In view of the various measures undertaken by the company, it is apparent that CSR has been its practice rather than the norm in the recent past.

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