Decisions in Paradise Part III

The world of business is full of many challenges that face many business organizations. These challenges are complex and vary from one business environment to another. As a result, many organizations are engaged in development of business solutions to address this challenges and bottlenecks facing them. However, the success of these solutions does not lie on how well the solutions sound or appeal but how they are outlined, justified and primary how substantially they are implemented in the business scenario. Many organizations are busy planning and implementing strategic plans that are deemed necessary for the attainment of the organizations short term and long term goals. David (1995) highlight that strategic management entails the outlining, execution and evaluation of decision that are meant to meet the long term objectives of an organization.DH enterprise is an example of business organization that is in the process of implementing a number of decisions viewed as necessary in order to enable the company establish more of its presence in Kava. The decisions had early been formulated in order to meet and wear down the challenges that DH enterprise would have faced in the run to establish more of its presence in Kava. Despite the novelty of the decisions developed early, the decisions will have to be reviewed and tested to determine whether they are justified. It is important to note that, decision can only be rational if there implementation is possible due to availability of resources and that the resulting effects will be of positive value to the organizations goals.The implementation of the proposed solution requires that clear and rational steps be followed so as to effectively resolvethe problem and ensure that the organizations resources are used well. Increased business presence of DH enterprise in Kava thus solely rest on proper evaluation of decisions and their correct implementation in Kava implementation.Factors affecting implementation of decision

In any organization, implementation of decisions is always one of the critical steps that are necessary to put plans and strategies into a reality. Successful implementation of decision is however affected by many factors both within and without the organization the organization and unless these factors are checked, business enterprises may fail in implementing the decisions or achieve them partially. Borges, Pino and Valle (2002), affirms that a gap exist between the end of decision making meeting and the corresponding "post-meeting activities may, in fact, turn the decision inconsequent, due to the inappropriate support to the implementation stage" (p. 376). The strategic section of DH enterprise needs to be aware of factors that are likely to influence the implementation of their decisionsin Kava in order to address them before the implementation of the decision.Availability of funds is a key issue that determines the success of failure of decisions within an organization. Funds are necessary in implementation of decisions in organization for during the implementation phases, resources that are not available to the organization will necessitate their purchase. The organization may also pay workers to cater for travelling allowances as well as communication cost.The budgetary allocation DH enterprise will affect the degree of implementation of its decision in Kava. With Kava being a remote country, considerable amount of funds will be necessary for flights tickets, accommodation and other needs for the enterprise personnel in Kava.The nature of communication in an organization can spell the success of doom of implementation process of plan. Proper communication is a necessary ingredient in the implementation of decisions by organizations. The nature of communication paradigm adopted by the organization is therefore a force that will influence the implementation process in a negative or positive way. Communication serves to inform, clarify as well as provide deep understanding on key issues during the implementation process. The presence or absence of a well spelt out means of communication will affect the overall implementation of decisions in Kava. DH enterprise will in no doubt be affected by communication factors during the implementation of decision in Kava.Resources availability within an organization affects implementation of decision as most decisions are based on the use of resources to meet the goals of the organization such as production of goods and services, building of new premises and engaging in other activities that bring value to the organization. Organization endowed with resources is better placed to successfully implement their decision than those without enough resources. The implementation plan of DH enterprise will be affected by the amount of resources set aside for the execution of decisions in Kava.

Commitment is another factor that affects implementation of decision in any organization. Commitment fosters team work where member of an organization work with unity in order to achieve a common objective. Commitment is not only necessary to the organization, but also to the society where the organization operates. In Kava, the stakeholders need to be committed and ready to work with DH enterprise in order to achieve results (Gichoya, 2005).Availability of enough human personnel with appropriate skills and experience in decision implementation is a key factor that influences decision implementation. DH success will be influenced by the number and type of personnel used in Kava. Successful implementation of decision will require the use of personnel knowledgeable in project planning and management. The attitudes that these personnel have will also impact the success of the implementation phase of the decisions in Kava.Evaluation of resources and action necessary for implementationBorges, Pino & Valle (2005) highlight that; evaluation serves to give to provide an opportunity where resources and actions matched with them are taken to be part of decision development process. These resources and actions are thus use as vehicles achieve the implementation of the decisions.DH enterprise has a number of human resources like Alex and Nik who can play crucial role in the implementation of the decisions. Alex and Nik are aware of the environment of Kava and will be in good position to undertake in purchases of materials and other roles that may require interaction of with the locals. With DH enterprise commitment back at home, the company is willing and able to send more personnel having skills and expertise in implementations of project.Kava is a country that is endowed with raw materials that will be sufficient for the use by DH enterprise to build more permanent premises for business operations. These resources will also be used to build barriers at the coastal areas to prevent hurricanes. This make the implementation phase a success.Kava has well established government in place that can use the existing security infrastructure to curb the spread of terrorism. DH enterprise dialogue with the government will yield results and promote a serene business atmosphere necessary for the proper establishment of DH's operations in Kava. Dialogue between the shareholders will not only provide awareness but understanding that will promote commitment (Brodfuehrer& Hagen, 2000).Training conducted to new personnel of DH in Kava will serve a number of critical functions. First, the training will orient and equip the workers of DH on the company's operations and nature of Kava. This will ensure that the workers are in a position to handle and manage the diversified culture of Kava in order to meet the DH's business goals.DH enterprise is commitment to work with shareholders in Kava will ensure that important facilities like the metrological units are establish. This may not be a difficult task for DH as the enterprise is financially fit and at the same time, the resulting benefits from this facility will be greatly felt by DH enterprise.Ethical implication form stakeholders viewsThe success of business operation in Kava calls for commitment of all stakeholders in Kava. The stakeholders are therefore obligated to pull together in making Kava a better place for businesses despite the many human and natural challenges facing it. Resources used in the building of facilities like infrastructure need to be pooled by each and every stakeholder. The government of Kava needs also to collaborate and assist enterprise like DH by providing a secure business environment. DH's operations in Kava should be beneficial to the locals and the environment thus promoting the status of Kava at large.DH enterprise is bound to succeed in the implementation of decisions aimed at promoting its business presence in Kava. Through implementation of sound and ethical business decisionsand use of resource both available and thoseacquired, DH enterprise will becomea successful business organization in Kava addressing it objective and meet the needs of Kava in the long run

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