Increase Employee Motivation

In response to the changes sweeping across the hotel industry recently, I strongly feel that there are some few adjustments within our work place which when effected can cushion our firm from adverse effects of increased competition and ensure sustained output from the employees. With all due respect Mr. Doug Li and in the interest of your organization, I wish to draw your attention to a specific matter in particular here under.

Think of the advantages you would enjoy from increased employee motivation; better image for your hotel resulting to increased customers, expansion of your hotel leading to increased salaries, prompt payment of taxes and outstanding debts, gain a competitive edge, these among other benefits would accrue to your organization if you took the initiative of controlling tipping in your hotel.

Introduction of mandatory tipping guidelines will result to zero embarrassment for the customers from employees thus improving on the image of the hotel through creation of a professional impression resulting to increased repeat customers. On the other hand, servers will be motivated to act within professional limits because they will be assured of a return for the quality services that they will be rendering to their customers.

This can also help in retaining talent in your hotel as workers will not be tempted to look for employment elsewhere in such of promising work environment where tips are controlled and assured should an opportunity to do so arise. This will help save costs for hiring new employees now and then not forgetting to mention the respect that you will earn from employees for being a decisive leader.



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